On sales of Lazarus Rising

Shona Martyn, Publishing Director, HarperCollins Publishers Australia writes: Re. "Lazarus arriving ... for free" (yesterday). Thanks for the interest in the sales of John Howard's Lazarus Rising.  As his publisher, I am keen to confirm  the accuracy of his impressive sales through bookstores which are quite separate from the sort of peripheral subscription drive offers that news organizations such as The Australian and indeed Crikey regularly arrange. On BookScan -- which measures across-the-counter-sales in Australian bookshops -- the hardback edition of Lazarus Rising registered 78,660 sales; the trade paperback edition a further 17,050 sales and the b-format edition has sold 2876 copies to date in Australia. HarperCollins has sold 2743 e-books of Lazarus Rising so far. So the combined BookScan and e-book sales total 101,342 copies. In addition, copies of the book have been sold in the US, UK and NZ and into special sales markets that do not register for BookScan. I would hate Crikey readers to fear that John Howard’s splendid sales success has been in any way "propped up" by giveaways.