Happy 50th birthday to Rupert Murdoch’s favourite plaything! No, not her, she’s a spry 46. It’s The Australian‘s birthday, and our favourite national broadsheet has been bolstering the Coalition, serving the interests of old white men and slapping “EXCLUSIVE!” on everything that’s not nailed down for half a century.

The Oz has republished its first editorial from July 15, 1964, and while we may quibble with some of what was promised (“In these pages you will find … impartial information and … independent thinking … This paper is tied to no party …”), there is one paragraph it has absolutely delivered on:

“We shall not hesitate to speak fearlessly. We shall criticise. We will not be influenced when there is a public need for us to be outspoken.”

“The Heart of the Nation” has never been backwards in coming forwards to criticise and be outspoken, with numerous hate campaigns over its 50 years. We’ve compiled a list of 50 things The Australian hates to mark the occasion.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a birthday party without cake! We had this one delivered to Holt Street today …