Jul 15, 2014

Climate sceptic HQ: undercover at Ian Plimer’s book launch

Ian Plimer's latest book argues manmade climate change is not real and environmentalists are damaging the planet. Crikey infiltrated the book launch to see Plimer's fans in action.

Margot Saville — <em>Crikey</em> Sydney reporter

Margot Saville

Crikey Sydney reporter

If I were an estate planner, I would definitely be sponsoring Professor Ian Plimer. Judging by the age of the audience at the launch of his latest book last night, they must need some help with their wills. And while they can’t help being old — it comes to us all — I’m still not sure why they were so angry. Surrounded by about 70 choleric, red-faced elderly blokes (there were only three women), I was terrified that one of them was going to have a stroke.

Not for Greens argues man-made climate change is a hoax, challenges the need for renewable energy, and argues environmentalists are damaging the planet. Yesterday and Friday Crikey published detailed critiques of the book by a climate scientist and renewable energy expert. Needless to say, this sixth outing from the University of Adelaide’s geology professor (he has no qualifications in climate science) gets a drubbing in those reviews.

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31 thoughts on “Climate sceptic HQ: undercover at Ian Plimer’s book launch

  1. Avril Hannah-Jones

    I’m a little disturbed that the Uniting Church is going to receive any money from a climate change denier but maybe the money received can contribute to the support the Church offers those already affected by climate change, like the people of Tuvalu.

  2. Ramble

    I have a signed pre-publication copy of said book and must admit that it sometimes appears to be better value than my Crikey Subscription. I would offer that given stability of temperatures over the past decade or so, that the people of Tuvalu ought to look closer to home with regard to their plight; apply a little geography/geology and hydrology perhaps.

  3. Electric Lardyland

    “Like a preacher, he related a long series of anecdotes about fighting the common enemies — the Greens, environmentalists, anyone who believes in climate change ” So, that common enemy would include Tony Abbott and all the coal-ition cronies, who whenever somebody bothers to ask, always claim that they believe in the science of climate change?
    Of course, to the modern rightard, years of constant and deliberate lying, is perfectly acceptable, if your goal is to rail against genuine science and vanquish professionally implemented climate policy.

  4. mikeb

    It is reassuring that the average age of the Pilmer accolyte is just short of geriatric. I’m no spring chicken myself but it still amazes me how easily people dismiss the truth if it doesn’t suit them. Just like big tobacco they will die out and the kids are out hope.

  5. Electric Lardyland

    Yes, mikeb, to quote famous physicist Max Planck, “Science advances one funeral at a time”.

  6. zut alors

    It’s mystifying why the 70 attendees were angry bearing in mind they’ll be dodging the grasp of global warming before the ugly consequences fully hit. It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall as their beleaguered heirs discover copies of Plimer’s book while clearing out their estates.

  7. Recalcitrant.Rick

    This is all about massive ego, look how important I am, I’m smarter than all those millions of other people! Pathetic! But of course there’s a 3% chance that he’s right!

  8. zut alors

    Plimer & I are in accord on one thing ie: .the Institute of Public Affairs “definitely punches above its weight”. Well above…and that’s not meant to be a compliment.

  9. MJPC

    Margot, thank you for this amusing report of the latest meeting of the flat earthers. Pilmer made a mistake putting Jones on the outer, all his followers would have swellled the ranks with blue rinsers had he given the book his tick of approval.
    No donations to the uniting church from me I’m sorry.
    Did you notice any of the current government there in disguise, I’m sure they all would have been invited.

  10. LucyJr

    Margot, nevermind about not fronting him. Conflict is Plimer’s opiate and you would achieve nothing but his pleasure.

    It bugs me too that these “old men in cardies” still vote but will not live to feel the harm they impose on generations ahead. Rather like old war hounds of past eras.

    BTW, I too am surprised about the Uniting Church agreeing to take this coal-blood money. Maybe just another lie?

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