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Jul 15, 2014

50 things The Australian hates

We celebrate The Australian's 50th birthday with a list of 50 things that have come in for a lashing of its poisoned pen.


To mark The Australian‘s 50th birthday, we’ve compiled a list of 50 things the Oz loves to hate. Have we missed something or someone who’s been the target of an Oz hate campaign? Add them in the comments.

  1. Julie Posetti
  2. Lee Rhiannon
  3. Clive Palmer
  4. Ugly teachers
  5. Paul Barry
  6. The ABC: “In federal politics, Sky News makes a more substantial contribution to public life than the ABC, an institution colonised by perpetually adolescent Triple J graduates who count doltish shows such as The Hamster Decides, Gruen Nation and The Roast as a serious civic debate.”
  7. Wendy Bacon
  8. Clover Moore
  9. Climate change
  10. Jihadis 
  11. Gen Y, or anyone younger than baby boomers
  12. “Feral” Greens: “It becomes clear that behind every stated purpose — and an increasing number of anodyne motherhood statements — set out in Greens policies through the years is a secret agenda that, at its core, is anti-free trade, anti-capitalism, anti-wealth, anti-consumption and anti-growth … For too long, Greens extremism has been hidden from the Australian public under a cuddly shroud of green goodwill.”
  13. “Latte” Greens
  14. Twitter
  15. Monarchists
  16. Labour regulation
  17. Greg Hywood
  18. Fairfax — the SMAge
  19. Bill Shorten
  20. Daily Mail Australia
  21. People on welfare
  22. Industry assistance: “The Abbott government is heading towards the termination of the practice of throwing good money after bad and is set to burst the failing pretensions of the car lobby.”
  23. Margaret Simons
  24. Any suggestion of axing negative gearing
  25. Unions 
  26. The Australian Financial Review
  27. Robert Manne: “… the startling feature is Manne’s fixation on repressing stories and debates he doesn’t like. He is a moralistic political censor.”
  28. Media Watch
  29. Plain packaging for cigarettes
  30. Julia Gillard
  31. Joe Aston
  32. Jenna Price
  33. Nick Leys
  34. Guy Rundle: “Rundle — who it is claimed prefers the French pronunciation of his Christian name (yup, to rhyme with brie) — wrote two scathing pieces about the Guardian‘s handling of Assange for The Monthly, which Davies slammed as inaccurate, forcing an apology and retraction. Davies confronted Rundle at the book launch and by way of riposte threw the remainder of his wine in Rundle’s face. The Evening Standard‘s Londoner’s Diary recounted that Rundle mewled and stomped off muttering: ‘I’ve got to change my contact lenses now’ while Davies ‘hopped around like a champ’.”
  35. Finkelstein Review
  36. Simon Sheikh
  37. Ken Cowley
  38. Bruce Wilson
  39. Jake Lynch
  40. The carbon tax
  41. IR academics who disagree with them
  42. Science 
  43. People who don’t smoke
  44. BDS
  45. Michael Stutchbury
  46. Kim Williams
  47. Old Crikey articles
  48. Mumbrella 
  49. People who don’t follow up its stories (a la Palmer). People who do follow up its stories (a la Daily Mail).
  50. Crikey: “Crikey‘s position in the media world is left of centre, anti-establishment because it has nowhere else to go. If it were not a gadfly, a pricker of pomp and pretension, it would be nothing. It breaks virtually no news; it relies on controversial comment for its existence and carefully crafts this formula to keep the subscriptions rolling in.”

*Additional reporting by Crikey intern Paul Millar


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45 thoughts on “50 things The Australian hates

  1. Raaraa

    Delete 6. Jihadis and replace it with Muslims.

  2. illywhacker

    No Larissa Behrendt?

  3. Flat tyre

    50 seems to be the short list?

  4. croceau

    National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS). Their relentless trashing of the Scheme daily for several weeks without any rebuttal printed (and I know it was supplied) was instrumental in causing its demise in the Federal Budget

  5. Mel Campbell

    Still LOLing at that Grundle anecdote, though.

  6. Electric Lardyland

    51. Australia.

  7. Nevil Kingston-Brown

    What’s the “ugly teachers” line a reference to?

  8. Myriam Robin

    This piece doesn’t include the AFR’s Neil Chenoweth and it should. Bad Crikey.

  9. klewso

    Remember how they got huffy at “the hate media”?

  10. BruceHassan

    No. 15 Monarchists should probably be Monarchists and Monarchy, unless its the Sun KIng Himself and His Own Royal Family and His Own Loyal Courtiers.

  11. Graeski

    52. Unprofessional, biased journalism that is nothing more than a blatant attempt to circumvent democratic processes and ensure that the political views of its owners are foisted the Australian public, with absolutely no regard for the damage that this may cause to the fundamental structure of our society or the most vulnerable of its members.

    Oh. Hang on. Sorry … wrong list.

  12. Shaniq'ua Shardonn'ay

    Guy (rhymes with Brie!!) Rundle!! We need a new photo of him with beret and prop bread stick now..

  13. Shaniq'ua Shardonn'ay


  14. klewso

    “The Bludger should not be our national icon – it should be our national rag!”

    That’s the trouble when the omnipotent jettison impartiality, to become a player.

  15. MarilynJS

    BER and HIP, they even gave me an honourable mention in 2009 that had me laughing for hours.

  16. Kevin Herbert

    Why include a nominal lightweight like Julie Posetti?


  17. DiddyWrote

    53- The Tertiary Educated.

  18. David Hand

    A bit rich isn’t it?

    I subscribe to a publication that oozes hatred of those with a different view in every edition. It’s called Crikey.

    50 things that Crikey hates.
    1. Tony Abbott
    2. Tony Abbott
    3. Tony Abbott

    You can fill in the blanks.

    49. Tony Abbott
    50. Tony Abbott

  19. tonyfunnywalker

    You need to put together a second list to include personalities in sport starting with James Hurd and the Essendon FC, Leyton Hewitt, Robbie Deans, for starters, The Melbourne Storm, Andrew Hildich.. only 44 more to go.

  20. tonyfunnywalker

    More hates

    Real economists.
    Scientists generally and Tim Flannery in particular.
    Anyone who promotes fast broadband and regulation of the media in paticular Senator Conroy (in both categories).
    Kevin Rudd
    Bob Carr
    … 100 is not impossible …

  21. David Hand

    This has got to be one of the more puerile and pointless articles published by Crikey for quite some time.

  22. Yclept

    And yet David, you still subscribe…

  23. Buddy

    C’mon Crikey.. it’s time for a like or recommend feature so we can thumbs up our favourite comments. Yclept has mine for today ..

  24. Liamj

    Hipsters. I know #11 kinda covers it but their fetish for the word itself is notable, I think it gives all the old farts the feeling they’re within cooee of the zeitgeist.


    Women, (non-anglo) foreigners, & aboriginies who aren’t appropriately grateful for all that old white men have done for you minorities (that are actually the majority).

  25. b2e37c504a9298f5eb3805078fa10e11

    I think it’s more the Murdoch state rags’ job to whip up mob hate for cyclists, The Australian is far too stuffy for that nonsense.

    I would add The Conversation, and really academics in general, there’s some serious anti-intellectualism going on with The Oz. I suppose that could fall under science though.

  26. paul holland

    95% of Australians, or should it be the world?

  27. John Taylor

    Well be a grown up David and go and roll around in back copies of The Australian shouting “wheeeeeeee!”

  28. David Hand

    This thread makes me feel I’ve stumbled into a support group for beleaguered leftie victims of the real world.

    I subscribe because I support independent news and information channels. Admittedly when I first subscribed, the editorial line wasn’t as left wing as it has become today. But I am not afraid of reading commentary that is different to my own views.

    You guys should try it some time. Admittedly, you’d need to stop writing off those of differing views as the devil incarnate but it does broaden one’s mind.

    Here’s an idea. Subscribe to the Australian.

  29. Chris Hartwell

    Hell no David, if I want vitriol and spew, plenty of websites offer that for free!

  30. Kevin Herbert

    David Hand:

    You say “I subscribe to a publication that oozes hatred of those with a different view in every edition. It’s called Crikey”.

    You’re clearly a Keith Windshuttle ‘culture wars’ proponent, with your wholesale categorisation of on-line disagreements on Crikey couched as ‘hate’.

    You need to grow up a little…that’s if there’s time.

  31. Yclept

    David, trouble is you are so enthralled with the far, far, far right you see everything, even middle ground Crikey as far left. You would also see the ABC as far left. I’m sorry that’s just delusional.

  32. David Hand

    Well Kevin,
    The title of the article contains the word “hate”. So commenting about Crikey using its chosen vernacular seems reasonable to me.

    Hey maybe I should grow up but don’t you think that a whole article where all the Crikey acolytes down here in the crypt can throw shit at the Australian is just a bit juvenile?

  33. David Hand

    Hey Y,
    Crikey is in the middle ground?


  34. Yclept

    Well it ain’t far left David!

  35. Kevin Herbert

    The Australian & indeed the whole of News Limited, represents everything that’s gone wrong with media in Oz & globally since around 1982.

    It’s a crass stenographer for the global neocons, and their Australian politician toadies – a vile elitist group which has taken over the US political system, and is directly responsible for the murder of millions of innocents globally in illegal wars. Its pretensions to journalistic credibility have as much weight as the US Fox News channel.

    As far as I’m concerned,as backed up by a mountain of facts, Murdoch is a card carrying member of a global criminal gang.

  36. David Hand

    I detect a fairly big helping of h+te in your post. Or have I misunderstood you?

  37. klewso

    Then there’s their hate for the dissemination of alternate contrary political opinion – because it confuses punters, and they vote?
    They just want to Con-troll propaganda – through Murdoch’s troll-op-ed opinionistas working away in his “Ministry of Misinformation and Obfuscation”.

  38. Kevin Herbert

    Poor old David Hand:

    can’t evaluate the difference between the known facts & his personal opinion.

    He’d be an ideal recruit at the Oz.

  39. David Hand

    This is why I love you guys!
    You have “facts”
    We unwashed right of centre types are limited to mere opinions.

  40. Kevin Herbert

    I don’t need your love David..in any form.

    As a former ABC & & 7 Network hack with more than 25 years additional local & international media relations experience, I have no problems adjudging that the Australian newspaper is used to batter/destroy anyone who disagrees with its proprietor’s far right wing views on global order.

    Keep up your phony culture wars disposition…it suits you.

  41. David Hand

    Well that’s made my day.

    Even though my love has been spurned, a veteran of the left wing groupthink that is ABC journalism actually confesses to be a veteran of the left wing groupthink that is ABC journalism.

    No wonder you don’t like the Australian!

  42. Yclept

    Wow, Kerry Stokes runs a “left wing groupthink”. I. Did. Not. Know. That!

  43. green-orange

    Advertisers ? (apparently)

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