Jul 14, 2014

Media briefs: Thorpie comes out … breakfasts with Rupert … Rove rejoins the roost …

What Ten didn't tell us about Rove joining The Project, and other media tidbits of the day...

Thorpie comes out. Ian Thorpe's emotional revelation to Michael Parkinson on Ten last night left much of the media struggling to give the former Olympic swimmer's announcement the respect and intimacy it so clearly deserved, while still selling as many papers as possible. While the vast majority of reports were overwhelmingly supportive, not everyone got the balance quite right.’s Facebook account made the baffling decision to link to an otherwise worthy article on the stigma facing homosexual athletes with this post:

The Sunday Mail, on the other hand, favoured the subtle approach.

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4 thoughts on “Media briefs: Thorpie comes out … breakfasts with Rupert … Rove rejoins the roost …

  1. klewso

    Hildebrand after another ABC gig?

  2. Saugoof

    Does Joe Hildebrand have a library of incriminating pictures of media bosses around Australia? Even amongst Australia’s decidedly low-rent caliber of media personalities he stands out as being spectacularly untalented and yet people keep giving him jobs. I don’t even mean this to be a glib comment. As much as I despise the likes of, say, Kyle Sandilands or Karl Stefanovic, etc. I can’t deny that they have some sort of talent for their job. Joe Hildebrand doesn’t. He’ the sort of person who imagines themselves as being smart but really isn’t.

  3. AR

    I’ve always assumed that JoeH was just a’point at & piss on’ creature of Mudorc.

  4. paul carter

    Poor Joe. He’s just trying to earn a living, like Thorpey who sold his “coming out” to Parky. For both it’s a publicity grab. But Thorpey used his to press for a long-fancied media role – more like Parky, less like Joe, Thorpey reckons. Or maybe he could be a politician, Thorpey said. Problem is Thorpey has an on-air personality akin to a wood duck, evidenced by a short-lived TV career post-swimming with 7. Anyway, this stunt follows his publicity grab swimming comeback spiced with a TV special reveal about his depression. That was a flop, like his signature line of pearl jewelry and his recent re-hab chic. He didn’t come out as a swimmer because it would have ruined his marketability, as under-performed as it is for his sporting achievement. He’s always been about cashing in on his swimming achievements. Problem he is he’s the sort of person who thinks he merits a media career but doesn’t – no that there’s anything wrong with that.

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