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Crikey Says

Jul 11, 2014

Crikey says: Abetz and Abbott on Senate chaos

Keane dissects what went wrong for the government this week (answer: plenty). We fact-check Ian Plimer's new book, and we bring you the latest from the Whitehaven Coal hoaxer's sentencing today. Which Fairfax employee gave a cheeky board game to bosses? And we listened to your rage -- here's a rebuttal to Keane's soccer piece. See you for the final 5am Monday.


“Labor and the Greens have colluded today to throw democratic process out the window and have turned the processes of the Senate into a farce. Labor has been caught out in its unsuccessful attempt to manipulate Senate process and has been exposed as having completely lost control in the Senate” — Eric Abetz, November 2010.

“If you needed any more clear evidence that Labor is being held hostage by the Greens then this is it, Senator Brown says jump and Labor asks ‘how high'” — Eric Abetz, November 2011.

“I think the Australian people are sick of a governing party which makes decisions on the basis of squalid backroom deals” — Tony Abbott, February 2012.

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s Kevin Rudd or Julia Gillard. It’s a chaotic and dysfunctional government … just chaotic and dysfunctional. Now, it doesn’t matter who leads the Labor Party, it will be chaotic and dysfunctional” — Tony Abbott, March 2013.

“There have been far too many parliamentary games, there’s been far too much backroom dealing and double crossing. Let’s let the people decide” — Tony Abbott, June 2013.

“Only the Coalition can be trusted when we say there will be no deals with the Greens, no deals with flaky independents; no deals whatsoever” –Tony Abbott, 2013 election campaign.


Sorry guys, you were saying?



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14 thoughts on “Crikey says: Abetz and Abbott on Senate chaos

  1. klewso

    “What’s my next question God(win)” Eric Abetz Utegate June-July 2009?

  2. David Hand

    If you don’t have the numbers you must negotiate.

    Negotiating a 3 year deal with the Greens to form government and committing to confidential policies that Oakshott and Windsor know nothing about is a backroom deal on a different level to seeking numbers to pass legislation piece by piece.

  3. Bill Hilliger

    …Only the Coalition can be trusted when we say there will be no deals with the Greens, no deals with flaky independents; no deals whatsoever” –Tony Abbott, 2013 election campaign. Yep Tony call a DD and we the Australian electorate will be waiting for you with a big electoral stick; whack!

  4. Electric Lardyland

    I think that Crikey’s being a bit too kind, by leaving out any mention of all the times that Abbott and his cronies, called for an early election; allegedly because of a parliament in logjam.
    Oh well, Tone, perhaps a double dissolution will end the problem of an unruly Senate, but probably not in the way that you’d like.

  5. zut alors

    The bad news for Abbott is that Rupert only likes winners. As soon as the tide is seen to turn the LNP may find their biggest PR tool, Murdoch, has switched camps.

    He did it to Howard, a far more talented politician than the incumbent mental lightweight.

  6. klewso

    “Situation normal (don’t believe anything I say)” Toady Abbott 11 July 2014?

  7. Brian Ede

    My schadenfreude Party is seeking to form a Senate ticket with the They Reaps What They Sows and the Told-ya-so mob. Should be a couple of Senate spots in that.

  8. klewso

    Maxwell Smart and Hymie – but they were supposed to be CONTROL agents?

  9. AR

    Never has Schadenfreude tasted so sweet. All the cliches apply, ‘reap..sow’, ‘do unto others..’,’kitchen items’. ‘glasshouises..’ – not the military kind.

  10. graybul

    . . . . am patiently waiting! For David Hand’s explanation explaining above quotes?

  11. AR

    GrayB – it would indeed be amusing but OneHand is not in the rational/explanation business – he merely recites by rote Menzies House talking points.

  12. graybul

    AR – Oh! . . wasn’t expecting David to comment on Govt spokeperson(s) quotes above!
    Just thought he might elaborate on his own . . “If you don’t have the numbers you must negotiate.” Seems to me . . that’s exactly what Govt is utterly incompetent in doing?

  13. David Hand

    I was out to dinner tonight and noticed my fan mail coming in so thought I’d give you my view before I go to bed.

    The back room deal Julia did with the Greens in August 2010 was to sell out the government agenda in exchange for Greens support to form a government. The Coalition has absolutely not done this.

    The Carbon tax was a done deal in that negotiating period and though there were smiles for the cameras while Oakshott, Windsor and Katter were still making up their minds, not a word was let slip about the new Greens control.

    One can only speculate how things might have been different had Oakshott and Windsor known just how much of the Greens agenda had already been signed off on the day they made their fateful decision.

    Nothing like this is happening today. In July 2014, we have an uncontrollable billionaire with scores to settle controlling four vital senate votes. It’s possible he will overstep the mark and be so obstructive that Tony calls the double dissolution election I think we need to sweep the idiots from the senate.

    But the other possibility – only a possibility – is that he will work out, as Oakshott and Windsor did, that a new election means the end of the road for PUP so they will get a bit more positive and not devote their lives to destroying the government’s agenda. This week will tell. If the repeal of the carbon tax happens the government is essentially on track to implement its programme.

    Then you can all take a chill pill.

  14. AR

    Pleeez let it happen – “ Tony calls the double dissolution election I think we need to sweep the idiots from the senate.” coz that would deplete the government benches severely.
    Which is precisely why Brown Tongue Tony dare not do it – he may be many unattractive things but suicidal? I think not.


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