Jul 10, 2014

Rundle: it is time to betray Australia

Australia has crossed a moral Rubicon in its treatment of asylum seekers by returning Sri Lankans to a country where they could be tortured or even killed. It is time to turn traitor.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


During World War II, several delegations of exiled European scientists went to various American congressmen and senators to warn them of the dangers of a German atom bomb and the need for a program in the United States. They found it hard to get a hearing for many reasons, not least because the politicians — many of whom had no great quarrel with Nazism — could not believe that people would be so “traitorous” to their country as to want to help it to be bombed. The willingness to actively turn against your own country, as opposed to merely criticising government actions from within, is not something to be taken lightly.

But there are times when that decisive shift seems necessary, and that point may have been reached with the return of a shipload of Sri Lankan asylum seekers to the place from whence they had departed, and the consequent establishment of this as potential standard practice from now on. If that is to be the case, Australia’s relationship to the world has changed, and so should ours to Australia.

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70 thoughts on “Rundle: it is time to betray Australia

  1. David Coady

    We’ll said Guy

  2. paddy

    It’s time!

  3. Russell

    Guy Rundle is usually quite clear headed (and accurate) in analysing where the Left has made mistakes. This desperate piece (despairing?) is very much the exception.

    The Left has failed politically on refugees, comprehensively – and in doing so it failed Australia. This is our tragedy. It has given Abbott (and the Scott Morrison) their powerbase – and it did so precisely because of the attitude on display here.

    Anyone “betraying” their fellow citizens will only concede further ground.

  4. Stuart Coyle

    When good men do nothing, and all that.

  5. maxcelcat

    Well said, Rundle.

    Please share this on Facebook so I can then share it with my friends. It needs saying.

  6. klewso

    Let Abbott have it, both ways?

  7. Michael Anderson

    Today we have had two excellent pieces from Guy Rundle and David Marr. Thank you to both for raising the seriousness of these issues. The matter of refugees is not and never has been simple, especially since both Liberal and with the complicity of Labor have made the most vulnerable – the refugee the focus of xenophobia. At some stage – if only to fully understand and hopefully recover our dignity as a nation, we need a Royal Commission to fully uncover the lies, deceit and those responsible – (back to Tampa perhaps) for denigrating this once great land. People in government must be held responsible for this malevolent behaviour.

  8. klewso

    Now he’s hi-jacked and defined “thinking Australians” as those that “Wouldn’t want his government capitulating to moral blackmail”? After the way he’s used it?
    …. or is that “defiled”?

  9. puddleduck

    A better take than Ms Razer’s today, I think.

  10. David Pitman

    Guy Rundle is absolutely right. The challenge we face, however, is not only an immoral and inhumane government, but the 48% of Australians who support its actions!

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