Jul 10, 2014

Palmer out-Abbotts Abbott to complicate carbon price repeal

Clive Palmer's profound inconsistency resembles Tony Abbott's opposition tactics -- and it's making life miserable for the government.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

“If Australia is greatly to reduce its carbon emissions, the price of carbon intensive products should rise… a new tax would be the intelligent sceptic’s way to deal with minimising emissions.” Tony Abbott, 2009 (link since removed)

“I have nothing to move.” Senator Glenn Lazarus, July 10, 2014

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39 thoughts on “Palmer out-Abbotts Abbott to complicate carbon price repeal

  1. Limited News

    PUP amending a bill in the Senate to create an ETS is probably unconstitutional. section 53 of the constitution says the Senate can’t amend a bill to impose a burden on the people. Maybe if Senator Lazarus et al knew that they wouldn’t vote to abolish the current legislated ETS…

  2. Lee-Anne Walker

    If only it were strange that the headlines matched the government’s chaos, but sadly it’s predictable given the Murdoch press.

  3. Bill A Bong

    Here is a link to the Tony Abbot 2009 quote

  4. Justin Mackenzie

    It was there that Palmer waxed lyrical, or as close to lyrical as Clive waxes, about the need to address climate change, and railed at climate sceptics — among which of course he was numbered until a couple of weeks ago.

    [grammatically] …among whom of course he was numbered until a couple of weeks ago.

  5. SusieQ

    Thats why the bill has to go back to the House of Reps (I think, happy to be corrected on this).

    As for the criticism, well, the OZ has been getting stuck into Clive lately. Is this the ‘anything but criticise Tony’ thing?

  6. klewso

    Toady’s “Abbott’s hole” – “intelligent”?

    [If he said not to believe anything he said, why would you believe what he said about trusting what he writes?]

  7. Draco Houston

    watching abbott get owned everywhere has been so fun. thank you uncle cliev

  8. Chris Hartwell

    Bwuhahahahaha, ah, delicious irony.

    Hey, country’s fucked anyway. May as well enjoy watching it burn.

  9. leon knight

    There is a wonderful sense of schadenfreude to enjoy the entire Abbot fiasco – there may be no suitable headlines in the Murdoch press, but you just know there is a huge amount of uncomfortable squirming going in their trenches.
    I know the country is still going to hell in a hand-basket, but at least we can all enjoy a good laugh at Abbot’s expense – what a drongo.

  10. Daly

    It is chaotic and has been so since the Abbott government got in.
    I was amazed to realise that they, like your portrait of Clive, had not been doing the work while in opposition. They obviously never read the budget papers, understood the programs in their policy areas or kept on top of the evidence in policy areas they were shouting about. The shrinkage of public servants was very clear in the past budget papers. The linkage of support programs monies to the carbon and mining taxes was legislated. The Gonski report as a thoroughly researched opportunity to sort out our failing education system passed them by.
    This negligence continues in government. They are constantly surprised by the consequences of their decisions, for example the GP copayment and the increases in pharmaceutical and pathology fees.
    Julia was a much better negotiator. To successfully negotiate you have to know your subject and your objectives. This is much more complex than shouting someone down. Julia got over 350 pieces of legislation through a parliament without a majority in the LOWER house.
    Good luck Tony and friends.
    Poor Australia!

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