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Jul 10, 2014

Crikey says: don’t blow the carbon challenge

Palmer’s carbon tax wrangling: Keane on what just happened in Canberra. Indonesia’s ‘psy war’ -- Prabowo likely to appeal. Rundle and Razer on refugees. Abbott and Abe’s boot bromance. Crikey’s exclusive watch: which outlets claim the most and how low is the bar? Xenophon: don’t blame crossbenchers for this mess. How the govt makes a windfall from public information. And who will be the next Tassie governor? We get the gossip.


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5 thoughts on “Crikey says: don’t blow the carbon challenge

  1. Limited News

    PUP amending a bill in the Senate to create an ETS is probably unconstitutional. section 53 of the constitution says the Senate can’t amend a bill to impose a burden on the people, so yes, Palmer’s ETS is a hoax. Maybe if Senator Lazarus et al knew that they wouldn’t abolish the current legislated ETS…

  2. Electric Lardyland

    I’d probably feel a little bit more reassured, if Clive wasn’t flogging all that coal.

  3. AR

    ..Clive..pleez.. stop, my sides are aching – “When you’re fighting climate sceptics”.. sounds like that old rockabilly number, “a’when yer fighting Yankees, a Red Neck’s a Man’s Best Friend”

  4. AR

    Just checking Grundle’s Tuesday piece which mentioned “Palmer himself, who spent much of the day on the Senate floor,“… why didn’t that evoke cries of “Stranger!”.

  5. zut alors

    Palmer says he’s doing this for the less advantaged Australians but who actually believes any of us will save anything if carbon pricing is axed?

    Tony Abbott & Palmer would have more luck trying to flog me London Bridge.

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