Jul 8, 2014

Rundle: a buzz of black and yellow as newbies take their seats

The Gillard government's signature piece of policy, the carbon tax, has been quietly prepared for execution -- as Clive upstaged his own senators.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Carbon tax rushed to burial, Clive Palmer setting the policy agenda, and Erica Betz told to “piss off” by crossbenchers on the floor of the upper house … days don’t get much more lively in Canberra than yesterday, the first day of the new Senate.  The Coalition got its first rude lesson in how not to handle the crossbench, with a failed attempt to bully and berate the Palmer United Party senators into voting a bundled carbon tax repeal bill forward. That was voted down, and Palmer himself, who spent much of the day on the Senate floor, announced a raft of new strictures he would place on the budget and conditions for putting the repeal through. But by evening, the signature policy of the Gillard government was being quietly prepared for execution — a solitary visitor in the public gallery was in attendance, and the press gallery locked. Thus do we do politics in Australia.


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13 thoughts on “Rundle: a buzz of black and yellow as newbies take their seats

  1. klewso

    “I don’t recall”? Isn’t that short for “I don’t want to recall”?

  2. zut alors

    “I don’t recall” is a product of Downer Syndrome, a condition displayed by the then Foreign Minister at the 2005-6 Cole Inquiry into the Australian Wheat Board.

    There are many forms ie: I don’t remember, I can’t be sure, It may have been, It could have been, It might have been, I simply can’t recall etc. Downer aired 62 versions when giving evidence at the Inquiry.

  3. Venise Alstergren

    “Don’t ask me!” May be another variation.

  4. Recalcitrant.Rick

    “It’s the golden moment of question time — that time when the schoolchildren herded into the public galleries get a glimpse of ‘democracy’ and become, to a girl and boy, fervent admirers of Mussolini.”
    Great line Guy!

  5. StefanL

     ”… and the PUP bloc watched with widening eyes. Whatever their lives had been before, this was where they were now, for the next six years, locked in a room the colour of blood with a bunch of student politicians who want to do nothing but this all day.”

    Will they last the distance ?

  6. MJPC

    Excellent and amusing summary of the day Guy however, “to a boy or girl, fervent admirers of Mussolini”; when did be sing on “the Voice” or “the X Factor” or appear on “Home and Away”?
    I suggest that any school boy or girl visiting to see Australian “Democracy” in action is there under promise of a trip to or from Macca’s ACT.

  7. AR

    I’ve never thought of Grundle in the role of galley reporter but, on this effort, the rest of the old, compromised, irrelevant & ignorant can take a hike or do something more useful such as pick oakum.
    Any particular reason that he neglected Xenophon’s excellent address? He didn’t bluster, bullshit or browbeat – he simply asked, for the sake of decency that this Senate take their responsibility seriously and not allow this government to ram through legislation on the nod.
    A plea for the importance of Estimates & Committe hearings may not seem sexy, no akshal whistles & bells, colour & movement but, in a functioning democracy, that is where the real governance should, and could, take place.

  8. Bill Hilliger

    Looks like Erica and rAbbott will have to get used to the occasional piss of and to be eating the odd shit sandwich from here on. The senate is going to be a hoot and entertainment for all. Never mind the I don’t recall refrain from CP, he knows that successful coalition mantra all too well; and why given the AWB affair and recent NSW enquiry into shady affairs shouldn’t he use it?

  9. Rod Shogren

    Does Guy Rundle really disapprove of people affirming rather than swearing on the bible?
    Good God!

  10. Lubo Gregor

    We’ve sure made a huge progress since the power play and intrigue of Greek and Roman forums.

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