Jul 3, 2014

Who’s who on the Rich List?

Fairfax's annual Rich List came out last week, but who's on it? Where did they make their money? And is there any threat to Gina's crown? Infographic specialist Jake Stevens breaks it down.

Fairfax's BRW Rich List always makes for fascinating reading. We've mulled over the information in the recent edition of the Rich List and turned it into this infographic, to help you process where all the billions are squirreled away ...

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7 thoughts on “Who’s who on the Rich List?

  1. Aidan Wilson

    I think Mary Fairfax and Owen Kerr’s figures are off by a factor of 1000. Fairfax has 450 million, not billion, and Kerr has 250 million.

  2. wayne robinson


    You beat me to it. I assume ‘bn’ is some bizarre abbreviation for ‘billion’.

  3. zut alors

    Indeed, no way are Lady Fairfax & Kerr several times richer than Bill Gates or Warren Buffet.

    Billion: it’s an amount impossible to grasp. I remember when a billion was defined as one million times a million. Sometime during the past thirty years it was sorely devalued.

  4. Gregory Grasshopper

    Well done, love the graphic

  5. Crikey Intern

    Thanks for pointing that error out guys. Bottom two should say million instead of billion. Hopefully doesn’t take away from the purpose of the graphic

  6. Ian Stolz

    @zut alors: The European “billion” is 1 million million, however the American billion is 1 thousand million. Since the world currency is in American dollars, the American “billion” was adopted in reference to a billion and the European billion has mostly become defunct.

  7. Colin Gurteen

    And is no-one bothered by the obscenity of these numbers? Is our rage confined to a typo rather than the disgrace that extreme capitalism allows Rinehart, Lowy and co. to accumulate more than they could spend in a thousand lifetimes while thousands of others will never have enough for the only life they’ll ever have?

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