Jul 3, 2014

Planet Janet’s greatest hits: the woman who’ll help pick the next ABC head

Janet Albrechtsen hasn't been quiet about her views on what's wrong with the ABC. Here are some of her most strident views on the national broadcaster -- and if you want a seat on the board, you'd better pay attention.

Myriam Robin — Media Reporter

Myriam Robin

Media Reporter

The useful thing about high-profile columnists getting appointed to government positions is they leave a trove of material that can be gleaned for insights into what they’ll be like in the role. And the ABC has been one of Australian columnist Janet Albrechtsen’s favourite topics for over a decade. So if you’re wondering what kind of people she’ll be nominating to the ABC board, here are the columns you must read — Planet Janet’s greatest hits.


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24 thoughts on “Planet Janet’s greatest hits: the woman who’ll help pick the next ABC head

  1. Brad Sprigg

    “I have suggested to the producers they surprise their audience so that, just occasionally, the panel leans the other way.”

    What is the point of that? Janet and her “right” ilk just all dittohead the same opinions anyway. On the “left” (meaning the left of Janet) you at least get some semblance of difference of ideas between commentators.

  2. Graeski

    From climate change reviews led by confessed climate change denialists; to stacking the judicial system; to militarising border protection: it’s the standard strategy adopted by all fascist governments to retain power by stifling dissent. Albrechtsen’s appointment is entirely consistent with this strategy. Its sole purpose is to silence the ABC.

    And if this strategy doesn’t work then hey – they simply hire a team of thugs to drag you down a dark alley and kick the crap out of you. Watch out, all you Lefties!

  3. Flickknifetipsy

    What I find most troubling is that Albrechtsen, like Brooks, is and always will be a creature of Rupert.

  4. klewso

    Her “personal critiques” of Gillard should set a standard for future reference too?

  5. zut alors

    This is bad news indeed. However, there’ve been politicised jerks on the ABC Board previously but the organisation has survived them all.

  6. Electric Lardyland

    Yes, I’m sure that the ABC staff will enjoy being lectured about impartiality, by a third rate News Ltd opinionista, whose main stock in trade, is to reheat for local consumption, the delusional bilge of rabid American neo-cons.
    And as far as the Abbott government goes, every day and in every way, they become just that little bit more like the disastrous administration of Bush the younger.

  7. Alex

    With respect to the issue of the lack of conservative panelists on Q&A, I believe Tony Abbott has refused a number of invitations after his last inglorious appearance.

  8. zut alors

    Alex, therefore Abbott shows rare sound judgement.

  9. Alex

    Also, given Albrechtsen works for The Australian, does this not constitute a conflict of interest?

  10. SusieQ

    Thankfully her columns are now behind the Rupert-paywall, so hardly anyone reads them.
    How about an article on the views of Neil Brown too? He seems to be no fan of the ABC.

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