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Jul 3, 2014

Crikey says: don’t give up the fight on ABC, SBS independence

Razer on bubbling. Brandis meets the imams: why the Coalition can’t even run a bad culture war. Planet Janet’s greatest anti-ABC hits. Major glitch in FOFA repeal. ASIC rumours ahead of key court hearing. How Tassie could hold the Abbott govt to ransom. Tax-time teething problems for the ATO. And Sarah Palin's son displays his gun-toting T-shirt.

So it’s official — as Crikey tipped you off yesterday, conservative ideologue Janet Albrechtsen has been appointed to the nomination panel for the ABC and SBS boards.


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4 thoughts on “Crikey says: don’t give up the fight on ABC, SBS independence

  1. klewso

    It also shows how thin-skinned, photosensitive and hypersensitive this government is of any sort of “criticism” (questioning)?
    The sort they don’t get from Murdoch’s conservative PR management at Limited News.

  2. CML

    I hope planet janet fails as spectacularly this time, as she did last time around, with her ideological bulls+it!
    Hands off ‘our’ ABC/SBS. This Murdoch/rAbbott government is the pits!!

  3. AR

    Fing is, the morons keeps opening new fronts on which to lose, sort of serial Moscow invaders.

  4. Alex

    Oh, Crikey, I do hope you’re on the money about Janet Albrechtsen and the ABC & SBS!

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