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Jul 2, 2014

Disgraced Harris’ reputation will never recover

We will never be able to hear Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport without cringing.

Sally Whyte — Political reporter

Sally Whyte

Political reporter

Will we ever think of wobble boards the same way again after a London court found Rolf Harris guilty of 12 charges of indecent assault on Monday? What will the Queen do with her 80th birthday portrait, now tainted by association with the entertainer? According to public relations experts, the tunes of Jake the Peg and Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport will forever make us cringe instead of smile.

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18 thoughts on “Disgraced Harris’ reputation will never recover

  1. Ben Jessup

    OJ Simpson is currently serving a 33 year prison term in Las Vegas – not sure how many “Hollywood parties” he’s been attending lately. Who’d have thought a PR strategist would be flexible with facts to backup their message?

  2. mikeb

    “Even O.J. Simpson, ……, is an A-lister at Hollywood parties”. I doubt this somehow. As for the rest of the article – pretty right I’d say.

  3. Yclept

    It’s a pity the public wasn’t as scathing about the multitude of similar crimes committed by the catholic church.

  4. zut alors

    It’s regrettable that Jimmy Savile didn’t suffer such ignominy. Whatever his sentence at least Harris is paying a price.

  5. tonysee

    How ironic? PR people taking 800 words to state the bleeding obvious.

  6. smarttdj

    You won’t find O.J. Simpson at any parties, let alone Hollywood A-list events. He’s been serving time for armed robbery since 2007.

  7. Mike Smith

    The worst is mixed artists children’s songs. The other artists don’t deserve this.

  8. SearchAndRescue

    Those songs already made me cringe. They were horrible. Now we know that he was horrible too.

  9. Mark Drummond

    Woody Allen wasn’t cleared. The charges were dropped. That’s a very different legal outcome.

  10. Paddlefoot

    Off to Spandau Rudolf Harris. Paint your way out of that.

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