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Jul 1, 2014

Meeting Elvis, Palmersaurus and the Purple People Eater: a photo essay

Our tipster finds a few familiar reptiles at weekend's Fairfax Festival, held by Clive Palmer at his Sunshine Coast resort.

Fairfax MP Clive Palmer held a weekend symposium
at his dinosaur sanctuary in Coolum.

There was an exciting line-up of speakers from across the
Palmer United Party …

… and dinosaurs. The Turnbullosaurus, for example, which
had a brain so large that it broke out of its skull, thus leading to
its rapid extinction.

The Bronwyntosaurus was a high altitude bottom-feeder.

Later Palmer enjoyed the vocal stylings of Dean
Vegas, the Sunshine Coast’s best Elvis. Mr Vegas said that he had
never been political, but then he heard Palmer and was convinced.
He is also available for events.

The Feeneysaurus was once believed to have a second brain
in its hindquarters. It is now believed to have none at all.

Mr Vegas with The Voice Australia winner, Ms Something, who also
performed. “Are you having a good time?” Ms Something yelled. “Who saw
me on The Voice?

The Ludlamosaurus is a tree-hugger which stays close to the
ground. Also pictured: Paul Howes.

Palmer enjoying the show before fronting the seminar
audience. He spoke six times over the weekend, shuttling
between engagements on a golf cart. Before the show ended, a small child
came on stage and said “Vote for Clive”, which was adjudged a miracle.

The Keatingosaurus, renowned for having the toughest skin
of all, which was in fact scar tissue.

Mr Vegas with adoring fans in the second half.

The Whitlamosaurus, a beast of great power. The smaller
creature riding on its back is the Bramstonosaurus.

In the evening Palmer, blushing shyly, was importuned to
come on stage. He delighted the crowd with a rendition of Purple People


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5 thoughts on “Meeting Elvis, Palmersaurus and the Purple People Eater: a photo essay

  1. klewso

    Why didn’t he call it Fairfax Festival Saturday(Sunday)?

  2. Electric Lardyland

    Mr Vegas has never been political? I’d have thought that running for Mayor of the Gold Coast at every election, would have made him political.

  3. AR

    Looks like fun, very little beats a good gigantasaurus though I’m not sure that I’d like to be sitting beside one in the audience.

  4. Andrew McIntosh

    You know, he could have done a lot worse than get –

    – in fact, going by these photos, he did.

  5. Ken Lambert

    You forgot the Dino on the first tee which gave you a roar when knocking one down the middle.

    Apparently it lost its roar due to an electro-mechanical failure.

    Thankful golfers were henceforth greeted by a ‘Roarlessosaurus’….