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Jul 1, 2014

Crikey says: welcome to the unrepresentative swill

Musical chairs for journos as ABC, Fairfax and The Guardian switch staff. How Australia’s Very Serious Commentariat got it wrong on welfare reform. Indonesia heads to the polls: Rundle reports from Jakarta’s slums. The AFL loses its way. Why the Oz should get off Tinder. Palmer’s perfect rendition of Purple People Eater. Hunt and Pyne fight it out for most unpopular pollie. And a rag-tag team of senators make their way to Canberra.

Twelve new senators take their seats today, although they won’t officially sit in the chamber until July 7. Three PUPs, one Family First, one Liberal Democrat and the famously media-shy Ricky Muir from the Australian Motoring Enthusiast party will all now play a crucial role -- alongside sitting senators Nick Xenophon and John Madigan -- in the upper house. The government will need six of their votes to pass any bill opposed by Labor and the Greens. Until now some of those balance-of-power senators have got away with saying nothing or almost nothing about their policy positions or voting intentions in the chamber. Some are a total mystery. Now that they are in Canberra, being paid a base salary of $195,000 a year to represent their various states, it’s time they come clean with the Australian people on where they stand on key policy issues. Fudging and evasion has served some of them very well until today. That won't wash from now. Moreover, we hope this will be the last time a mish-mash of micro-parties who garnered very few votes holds the balance of power in the Senate. Crikey supports planned changes to our troubled electoral system, as recommended by the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters. And you're about to see why we take that view.

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3 thoughts on “Crikey says: welcome to the unrepresentative swill

  1. klewso

    Figures bandied about “Muir’s unrepresentativeness” : what percentage of the Victorian electorate was Conroy instrumental in being able to help scrape up to get Fielding his seat?

  2. AR

    Probably just the usual poor vocab. & grammar of modern journos. but, a mish-mash of micro-parties who garnered very few votes holds the balance of power in the Senate, that is the point, that they garnered</I< from far and wide across the beach towel ballot.
    What you meant was they had relatively few primary votes but that is the joy of PR. And also the tragedy in that effective use requires a semi sentient electorate with a basic grasp of arithmetic.
    Which is why Oz elections are best held in the summer, when people are wearing things…


    better than the bought and paid for representative swill of the two majors

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