Jun 30, 2014

Gunning for freedom, Leyonhjelm style

Senator-elect David Leyonhjelm's comment that John Howard 'deserved to be shot' illustrates a problem all too often at the heart of libertarianism.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

“All the people at [Sale that day] were the same as me. Everyone of those people in that audience hated [John Howard’s] guts. Every one of them would have agreed he deserved to be shot.”

Strange. If the new Victorian Greens senator Janet Rice had uttered such words, declaring that John Howard “deserved to be shot”, one suspects we would have heard rather more about it than we have. Instead, the words of incoming libertarian senator David Leyonhjelm in a Fairfax weekend profile have passed almost without notice.

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25 thoughts on “Gunning for freedom, Leyonhjelm style

  1. Chris Hartwell

    Given libertarianism is Randian Objectivism-lite, I imagine most folks who’ve encountered a libertarian know how self-interested they are.

    Libertarians demonstrate why in RPGs, Intelligence and Wisdom are two separate character stats.

  2. klewso

    Why should we hear about it? He’s Right isn’t he?
    Abbott and his Limited News Party can count on his vote more often than not?

  3. Electric Lardyland

    Just shoot me.

  4. Rais

    Imagine the headlines in The Australian if his name was Muhammad Leyonhjelm.

  5. katas

    Leyonhjelm, will certainly fit beautifully with many of the current coalition members; some very odd oddbods abound. We do not need a longer parliamentary term with such extremists in power.

  6. MJPC

    I’m glad Fairfax didn’t ask him what he thought of climate change, he may have gone apoplectic and have to be committed. Surely this is not who the average voter wanted in the Senate?
    There is something seriously wrong with the political system if nutters like this can decide policy.

  7. Liamj

    The nutcase has a regular column on The Land, which is often entertaining. Many farmers know that the yank-worshiping ‘libertarians’ are just neoliberals with farm tax writeoffs, and theres nobody better than real gun users to emasculate the boys with toys like DL. That DLs work is as a Big Ag salesman doesn’t endear him any either.

  8. AR

    It’s rare to scratch a libertarian without finding an authoritarian beneath.

  9. Andybob

    Shooting John Howard ? Libertarianism is looking better every day.

  10. rhwombat

    Ab: Unfortunately, like all libertarians, it’s only talking about shooting John Howard. Libertarians are as capable of delivering on their tantrums as any other toddler.

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