The tricky issue of fuel prices

Crikey readers have their say on World Cup controversies, singing politicians and the fuel excise.


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4 thoughts on “The tricky issue of fuel prices

  1. JohnB

    Did Matthew Saxon post that film clip as a late April Fool’s joke, or as some kind of recognition of the current games in Brazil? Whatever, I have just watched 25 minutes of a pretty lop-sided game and not found the foul or the penalty that he described.

    It has wasted half of my afternoon.

    Next time, Matthew, please say when the action happens. Or, preferably, just don’t bother posting the link.

  2. Paracleet

    Firstly I apologise I gave them a link from the wrong world cup (right teams)
    The incident in question is here:
    from around 1:35:30 although you might want to see what he does at 1:34.
    Secondly; get stuffed. A ludicrously offensive over-reaction at an honest error.

  3. Draco Houston

    Whyalla Wipeout owned and was the best thing to happen in the Gillard years.

  4. JohnB

    Paracleet: Apology accepted, and yes, that goalie certainly set a new standard.

    Your final two sentences were not really necessary, but if they make you feel better, then be my guest.

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