Recently Crikey discussed the claims of that self-appointed scourge of pirates, Village Roadshow’s elderly chairman Graham Burke, best known for being a self-confessed “tax rorter” and smoker of “funny stuff”. Well since then, Burke  -- one of Attorney-General George Brandis's aides-de-camp in the government's coming war on filesharing -- has been engaged in a kind of one-man berserker attack on Australian ISP iiNet, the company that famously took on and defeated the copyright cartel over efforts to make ISPs responsible for their customers’ filesharing. Yesterday, in responding to iiNet’s Steve Dalby, Burke went over whatever remaining tops he hasn’t yet gone over and claimed, Ralph Nader style:

"iiNet are selling a car which happens to kill people on the roads, so they should be paying towards that. It's the car that's faulty. In this instance it's the fault of the car, not the driver."