Jun 27, 2014

BRW Rich List: Rinehart, Palmer’s fortunes fall, but Fairfax falls the most

The Rich 200 List used to be a must-read for those interested in the rich and (sometimes) famous. But Fairfax's slimmed-down effort now offers very little detail.

Stephen Mayne — Journalist and Founder

Stephen Mayne

Journalist and Founder

Having killed off its loss-making Business Review Weekly magazine, Fairfax Media has sensibly preserved its most popular and valuable editorial feature, the annual Rich List. It will probably be better read this year, having been inserted inside The AFR’s monthly magazine today. However, the product is not as comprehensive as the halcyon days as recently as 2008, when the Rich List flagship edition was a healthy 220 pages and was sold separately on newsstands for a couple of months at $9.95 a piece.

In 2008 we got lots of data, including tables, listing Rich Listers’ peak year and the length of time they’d been on the list. Historically there have rankings by wealth (see the top 200 individuals on page 4), along with an alphabetical list and a separate section on wealthy families.

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9 thoughts on “BRW Rich List: Rinehart, Palmer’s fortunes fall, but Fairfax falls the most

  1. Pete from Sydney

    not sure that ‘killed off’ is the coorect terminology there Stephen…it wasn’t selling well, the company is not a charity, so it ceased publication…part of the problem probably being the content being re-published elsewhere

  2. zut alors

    Yes, Stephen, I recall the halcyon days of the Rich List bumper issue & appreciated the amount of research which went into compiling it. But in the 21st century quality, in general, has taken a dive – coinciding with our products being disgorged chiefly from China.

    This Annual Rich List deserves to be stamped ‘Made in China’.

  3. Matt Hardin

    [which includes the very disturbing Tax Office stat that 40% of those people who declared income above $1 million in 2011-12 did not claim a single dollar in tax deductions for charitable donations.]

    It is possible that they donate but do not claim.

  4. Matt Hardin

    I wouldn’t bet on it though!

  5. AR

    “…” – excuses himself to vomit.

  6. CML

    Who cares? They all made their money ( or added to it) by ripping off the ordinary citizens of this nation.
    Everybody should wake up to what is going on here, instead of engaging in hero worship.
    Totally loathsome people!

  7. Lord Muck

    To borrow a pun from Mark Twain, their money is twice tainted; ‘taint yours and ‘taint mine.

    Totally agree there are too many miners on this list – and too high up this list, but Twiggy should still be congratulated for his outstanding philanthropy; criticising the tax deductions gained from such large donations is a cheap shot.

    Matt Hardin, I think we can generally assume that if they didn’t claim then they didn’t give. Compared with rich US philanthropists like Bill Gates and George Soros, the Aussie tykes are generally a pack of mean bastards.

  8. pragmatic

    But CML, they are clever & have the political class dancing to their tune.
    Gina, so far as I know, doesn’t even have to get out of bed to earn her squillions.

  9. Rena Zurawel

    It is not the list of the rich people in this country would annoy me.
    In Russia, India, Indonesia, Singapore the numbers of the rich people are growing.
    What about Australia????

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