The Australian Women's Weekly is Australia's most-read women's publication, with a circulation of  451,000. It remains popular as many magazines falter. Going on 81 years old, its readership skews older (24 to 54 according to the rates card), and is more inclined to appreciate so-called "real people" on the cover. Previous Women's Weekly cover girls include former prime minister Julia Gillard, former Queensland premier Anna Bligh and publishing legend Ita Buttrose. So it's not unusual for the magazine to feature someone not known for their modelling on the front. But July's cover is still, for the magazine industry, shocking.

It's of burn survivor Turia Pitt, who in 2011 suffered burns to 64% of her body after being caught in a freak firestorm while competing in a marathon. She wasn't expected to survive, but has recovered. She's since raised $180,000 for charities that help burns victims in developing countries.