Twenty years after Ukrainian World War II novel The Hand That Signed The Paper won the Vogel award for best unpublished manuscript, went onto critical acclaim, fierce criticism, and the revelation that its author was British, not Ukrainian, Helen Demidenko (or Dale, as she now is) has emerged from her Edinburgh eyrie. Dale had claimed to be a Ukrainian author by the name of Helen Demidenko, but she turned out to be Australian-born Helen Darville (she is now married and has the surname Dale).  Unsurprisingly, she's reclaiming the book, not as a shonky attempt to give an average novel a boost with the hint that it was based on true events, but was a, gasp, proud challenge to identity politics. Says The Australian:

"The way she sees it, if she had not assumed a Ukrainian identity, her book would not have been taken ­seriously and would not have been published.