Jun 25, 2014

Government reveals first national security reforms

ASIO is set to expand its powers under new national security legislation reforms to be unveiled by the government in July.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

We now know what the first tranche of the government’s mooted national security reforms will look like after Attorney-General George Brandis revealed them Wednesday.


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3 thoughts on “Government reveals first national security reforms

  1. Umal Tshama

    “allowing ASIO to access third-party computers in order to access a target’s computer”

    And while they are legally accessing your computer to place active malware what else will they do? Edit your web history? Place some incriminating apps or files?

    Hopefully they will start with politicians.

  2. AR

    The legislation will probably borrow chunks from the GST enabling legislation which had marvellously Carrollian slabs of verbiage redolent with phrases like ” an action that has not occurred may be deemed to have occurred and an act that has occurred may be deemed not to have occurred..”, among other gems.

  3. Itsarort

    The ‘power to enter third- party premises to carry out search warrants on targets” is an extremely dangerous ‘necessity’ designed to compensate for lazy and incompetent policing.

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