Jun 24, 2014

‘A very bad day’: Greste’s shocking verdict

On-the-ground observers say Peter Greste's Egyptian trial was bizarre and incompetent, and his seven-year prison sentence has brought international condemnation. Freelance writer Rachel Williamson reports.

Powerful international condemnations followed angry scenes at Cairo’s criminal court yesterday, after Al Jazeera journalist Peter Greste and two of his colleagues were sentenced to harsh prison terms.


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5 thoughts on “‘A very bad day’: Greste’s shocking verdict

  1. Dion Giles

    What matters to people in Australia is not just what a cr*p country Egypt has reverted to but also what retaliation is available in response. This is the business of people worldwide including in Australia who sense the urgency of protecting from tyranny the rights opened up to the world in the Enlightenment and cherished in all decent countries. What Egyptian goods can be found on sale in Australia?

  2. Yclept

    …and do we give aid to Egypt?

  3. AR

    Yclept – the Hegemon, in 2001, “forgave” Egypt’s wheat purchases debt … to Australia. Coz that’s what Hegemons do and satraps & Dep’ty Dawg’s can just STFU.

  4. Brian Melbourne

    Sanctions should be imposed. Even a tinpot dictatorship will try to give some semblance of a fair trial.

  5. CML

    Crikey – After an Editorial and three separate articles on the Greste affair, you are in grave danger of overkill. Yes, everyone in good old Oz is ‘shocked’ by the seven year sentence, but what on earth did you all expect?
    In Egypt we are NOT dealing with a country like our own. Democracy is a joke, and the ‘rule of law’ is something they have in other places. For western journalists going into Egypt not to realise this says more about the missing commonsense of the former, than the lack of western ‘niceties’ in the latter.
    Anyway, who cares whether we hear about what is going on in the middle-eastern countries. Most of them (including Israel) are uncivilised, barbaric and still fighting centuries old religious wars. Leave them to get on with killing each other off, I say!

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