Jun 23, 2014

Poll Bludger: meet the senators who hold the balance of power

Tony Abbott will have to woo the Palmer United senators and a few more to get any of his legislation passed. Let's look at the new senators who will be standing in the way of an Abbott agenda.

William Bowe — Editor of The Poll Bludger

William Bowe

Editor of The Poll Bludger

The election held last September will finally reach its resolution next week with the commencement of the new Senate term.

With the newly elected members replacing the class of 2007, the combined majority that Labor and the Greens have enjoyed since mid-2011 will come to an end, presenting the government with a more conducive environment together with a new set of challenges.

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11 thoughts on “Poll Bludger: meet the senators who hold the balance of power

  1. Don

    “libertarian … against almost anything that cuts spending or taxes”

    is this a mis-typing as it is not what I thought ‘libertarian’ meant.

  2. 81dvl

    Hmm; Our Cathy McGowan not relevant?

  3. MJPC

    Just what do they stand for because I am confused.
    So, Bob Day is a wanna-be Lib (I’m rich therefore I am) whose dirty because he lost pre-selection;
    David L “has him lining up against almost anything that cuts spending or taxes” (including the carbon tax?).
    How can they have a meeting of minds as they would be diametrically opposed it appears to me. Aren’t the Libs the low tax crowd?

  4. Chris Hartwell

    It will be a mis-type Don – libertarians are vocally anti-tax, anti-government-spending.

  5. Zarb Michael

    Should read “almost anything that cuts spending or increases taxes”

  6. Dion Giles

    There’s good reason for a careful look at what agendas are being pursued by the “others” in the recently elected Senate. A decent thing (some argue the ONLY decent thing) John Howard did for the common citizens of Australia was to stand up to the gun freaks in the aftermath of the Port Arthur massacre and crack down on them with sweeping national legislation to end the legal open slather enabling lunatics like Martin Bryant to get hold of weapons that can send a 12-round burst through an engine block.

    There is a determined campaign to reverse these reforms 18 years later and reintroduce the open slather.

    The gun freaks are seeking to make Australia like America where 10 thousand people are shot dead each year by other Americans. The campaign to roll back the Howard firearm reforms is centred on spokesmen like Senator Leyonhjelm who snuck in under the deceptive title of “Liberal Democrat” on preferences allocated by major party apparatchiks. They are not choices made by the electorate.

    The answer is in the runup to elections to ask the major party electoral teams to steer clear of swapping preferences with groups inimical to the interests (especially safety) of the people. And also to avoid the tickabox option and go to the trouble of voting below the line.

  7. John Taylor

    Dion – fully automatic weapons were illegal before Port Arthur. Bryant did not have access to weapons that fired a “12 round burst”. Ease up on the hyperbole, try telling the truth and you might have a bit more credibility.

  8. Don

    surely it should be (against) “almost anything that increases spending or taxes”

  9. Don

    @john. what weapon did he have btw?

  10. William Bowe

    Apologies – the bit about spending and taxes should indeed say the opposite of what it actually says.

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