Jun 23, 2014

Hockey joins the G20 lecture circuit

Joe Hockey's lecturing the G20 on lifting growth while undertaking reforms. Only... it all sounds a little familiar, write Glenn Dyer and Bernard Keane.

Woe betide Australian leaders daring to tell the rest of the world what to do.

“Europe won’t be ‘lectured’ by Julia Gillard, EC chief Jose Manuel Barroso has said,” reported The Australian two years ago, about comments by then-PM Julia Gillard and then-treasurer Wayne Swan ahead of a G20 meeting about economic policy. Barroso had “slapped down” Gillard, The Daily Telegraph reported. Coalition MP Joe Hockey joined in, declaring it “embarrassing” that Gillard was “lecturing the world”.

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9 thoughts on “Hockey joins the G20 lecture circuit

  1. The Pav

    Regarding the phrase “Except, as Crikey reported at the time, Hockey, the Oz and The Tele had gotten their facts wrong. ”

    Two things
    1) If they are wrong they aren’t facts

    2)Given the involvement of The Oz I suggest that to save time you establish a macro to save typing the same phrase repeatedly.

    I have more chance of playing for the Wallabies than the Oz being factual, accurate and balanced

  2. klewso

    Business as usual, Murdoch Style –
    “Is that the truth – or did you catch it from Murdoch?”
    Two sets of standards : One for Murdoch’s Limited News Party face painters : one for everyone else?
    [For Murdoch and his Oz Bludger, “Economics :- with the truth.”]

  3. Chris Hartwell

    This just in: Hockey a hypocrite, everyone shocked

  4. Graeski

    Joe’s just annoyed that he hasn’t been voted “World’s Greatest Treasurer Ever in the History of the Human Race” yet. After all, he’s been at the job for almost a year now …

  5. Itsarort

    Perhaps next time Hockey’s smoking a cigar outside Parliament House, he might like to don a Grouch Marx nose, spectacles and eyebrows…”Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?”…

  6. Popeye

    Dear Glen and Bernard, To think that at about this time last year, you suggested Hockey ‘showed promise’ as a Treasurer. The man is an embarrassment.

  7. fractious

    Joe’s a hypocrite and the The Oz l1es and hardly ever admits it – so what. What annoys and frustrates me (and, I suspect, many others) is how little difference it seems to make come election time. Dog help us.

  8. AR

    Pav – also the small gripe of ‘gotten’, one of the ugliest americanisms to have seeped into the language. There is no construction were ‘GOT’ and its ugly ilk cannot simply be excluded, eg had ,,, their facts wrong“.
    Except that they weren’t facts so .. weren’t wrong. My head hurts, as when subliterates struggled & juggled with the concept of “fake Pauline Hanson nude pics” – they weren’t her so how could they be fake?

  9. MJPC

    Fractious, I am with you. The only saving grace for sanity of this country is that Hockey et al get the medicare co-payment through the senate and then every time one of the proletariat atend the GP (and more) they are reminded of the imposters they have voted in. This could outweigh the influence of the Murdoch rags.

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