Abbott scares off Canadian conservatives

Crikey readers talk Santo Santoro, Canadian conservatives' loss and religion in schools.

Don’t discount Santoro

Douglas Kirsner writes: Re. “Departure of a gutsy, thoughtful senator leaves politics the poorer” (Wednesday). Bernard Keane’s jibe about Santo Santoro was both unnecessary and wrong. From my many contacts with Santo when he was a senator, I would say that the all too rare attributes Keane ascribes to his successor, Susan Boyce, apply at least in equal measure to Santo: “thoughtful, brave, outspoken and prepared to stick to her principles”. He was a good minister and a passionately stands up for his values.  His breach of the Howard government’s Ministerial Code of Conduct was relatively minor when compared with any number of recent cases in federal politics. Of course, he made many enemies who were rather pleased to see him not just go to the backbench for the infraction but resign from the Senate.

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4 thoughts on “Abbott scares off Canadian conservatives

  1. Zeke

    Keith Binns mentions “aggressive secularization”. I’m unsure of what this means, but should it relate to the removal of the school chaplain’s program?

    Religious education should be the responsibility of parents, not government. When governments partake of religious education we get into some very dangerous territory. I don’t like the idea of someone without a teaching degree, who believes that gay people will go to hell, being given the responsibility to teach children.

    Governments should stop using public money to fund private schools. It stinks of privatizing profit while socializing liabilities. It’s just plain wrong.

    Private schools cost the government less per student because parents fund the difference. Parents who can afford to fund the difference, that is. The rest are stuck with an underfunded public system.

    I’m sure that the removal of the chaplains from the school system will not cause one parent to withdraw their children and place them in a religious school. It just wouldn’t be important to parents in the face of much more important reasons.

    Yes, schools in Australia were started by christians, but they beat public schools by less than a decade.

  2. Mark Duffett

    While mass transit is great and has a key role to play, Ontario has already made a massive contribution to reducing its climate footprint. In much under-reported news, it got off coal completely as of mid-April this year. Here’s how it’s done:

  3. sebster

    Douglas Kirsner, please. Santoro was a grub who left the Senate immeasurably richer by his departure. The share issue itself was neither minor, nor simple – it had numerous layers and, like all good thrillers, at least three Acts (at last count, there were 72 separate share trades). Resignation was thus inevitable, and utterly welcome. That he’s now a lobbyist completes the picture.

  4. CML

    @ Zeke – Absolutely agree with your comments. You beat me to it!!

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