Jun 20, 2014

We are not abdicating: Charles won’t be in charge for many years yet

Three European monarchs have abdicated in the last year or so, which got us wondering: could our Lilibet be next? Not on your life, writes freelance writer Dylan Barber.

Felipe VI was sworn in as King of Spain yesterday after his father, Juan Carlos, officially abdicated from the throne on Wednesday. The move has some British royal watchers hoping that perhaps HM Queen Elizabeth II or Prince Charles might follow suit, as the public are far more excited about telegenic Prince William and Kate Middleton than about 65-year-old Charles. But don’t hold your breath.


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4 thoughts on “We are not abdicating: Charles won’t be in charge for many years yet

  1. zut alors

    It’s not going to happen so the less words wasted on the subject the better. Elizabeth ll has vowed her life is dedicated to the role of Queen.

    Is Crikey light on copy today?

  2. The Pav

    Aged 88 and still on the job…and no one can sack her

    This is what is wrong about having a monarchy.

    As much as as genuinely admire and respect the Queen she is entitled to rest and I do not believe at her age she is immune to the fraility that age endows on us all.

    The Queen is a human not a god and should lay down her burden.

    If she does not think her son is up to the job then it does not say much about her parenting skills and could arguably cast doubts on her managerial ability.

    Even The Don retired and Australia still holds the Ashes

  3. AR

    It is the Age of Great Britain that will pass with HRH Elizabeth II which is why there is no agitation for it in Blighty – the daze of a pink world lingers on.

  4. pragmatic

    The Household is worried about the possible (unlikely?) breakup of the UK and, on Charles’ progression, the break up of the Commonwealth. Lilbet has been so successful that she is indispensable

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