Tips and rumours

Jun 20, 2014

Tips and rumours

PM&C holding up more appointments ... Imported anti-Muslims in Bendigo ... Offensive comments are way to go ...


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3 thoughts on “Tips and rumours

  1. bushby jane

    The Age got into trouble the other day for publishing a ‘nasty’ photo of Credlin seeming to be going crook at Julie Bishop in Parliament (in the front row). I wondered what she was doing there in the first place, should she be?

  2. Malcolm Street

    “Donlon … was one of the organisers of the Convoy of No Confidence rally in 2011.”

    The one that up to the night before was going to bring 10,000 protesters to Canberra and actually brought in 300 (being generous)? Political parties should run a mile from anyone who helped “organise” that debacle.

  3. Cathy Alexander

    Jane, where was the pic taken? The advisors get to sit in a box off to the side of the MPs. I think Bishop had gone to speak to Credlin there? However, if Credlin had gone to speak to Bishop on the front bench, that is not allowed.

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