Jun 20, 2014

Secret financial services agreement exposed by WikiLeaks threatens personal data

Secret trade negotiations revealed by WikiLeaks show the US trying to head off moves to protect citizens' data from US control.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

While the Trade in Services Agreement Financial Services Annex document leaked overnight doesn’t quite justify some of the headlines it has attracted, there is plenty in the draft that is deeply concerning.

The draft was released by WikiLeaks, which also released a working draft of the Trans-Pacific Partnership last year. Julian Assange and his tiny staff might be hampered by his embassy exile and have not repeated the kind of hammer blow to secrecy of Chelsea Manning’s cables and videos, but they’re still putting traditional media outlets to shame.

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6 thoughts on “Secret financial services agreement exposed by WikiLeaks threatens personal data

  1. Dogs breakfast

    It is both comical and scary that we are sending prime morons in to negotiate on our behalf.

    Regardless of whatever is in our treaties, we should never cede our sovereignty to an external ‘dispute resolution’ process.

    The example of the plain packaging of cigarettes, and being hauled off to some extrnal body by an appeal from upper-cumbuckta-west, should send a shiver down every Australian’s spine.

  2. Yclept

    Yeah, plenty of transparency. A bit like how good Workchoices would make life for workers. Newspeak gone mad!

  3. AR

    Never mind an appeal by Upper Cumbucka, wait until the barracudas of the US (more lawyers than anywhere else on Earth) get into our little ponded backwater.

  4. TheFamousEccles

    Sadly, all this is a case of “when”, not “if”. There would not exist any individual in federal politics that has the spine and will to oppose. The US gets what the US wants, and any opposition would seemingly be Un-Australian.

    I know I should just put my head in the sand (coincidentally, this would configure me in the correct position for the right royal fcuking over I am bound to recieve) like a good many of my ignorant and apathetic countrymen. But I cant.

    Does anyone else feel the red mist descending? Am I alone in this? I dont believe so, but to advocate what I really want to do to the political classes of this once proud Nation would probably get me “dissapeared”.

    I feel that Australia is about to be absorbed totally.

    This whole sad affair is depressing. What a BOC!

  5. TheFamousEccles

    Oops – try “disappeared” ….

  6. I.Klajn

    Are the changes to FOFA in anticipation of the Trade in Services Agreement being signed?

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