Jun 20, 2014

Regulator hands official reprimand to ABC over THAT Chris Kenny skit

More trouble for the ABC over the infamous skit of an Australian commentator humping a dog -- now ACMA has found the skit breached the ABC's own rules.

Cathy Alexander — Freelance journalist and PhD candidate in politics at the University of Melbourne

Cathy Alexander

Freelance journalist and PhD candidate in politics at the University of Melbourne

The federal government’s normally cautious TV regulator has found against the ABC over its decision to broadcast a photoshopped image of Australian columnist Chris Kenny having sex with a dog.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority verdict, released at noon today, is a serious embarrassment for the ABC and raises questions about how well the ABC reviews complaints about its work.

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14 thoughts on “Regulator hands official reprimand to ABC over THAT Chris Kenny skit

  1. The Pav

    How freaking PATHETIC.

    ACMA does nothing about real problems but farts about this.

    How can anybody associated with teh OZ be offended since thet have already voided themselves of values.

    If they want to do something about offensive programs then why don’t they do something about The Bolt Report, ACA and Today Tonight that falsely claim to be news & current afairs.

    What about the ads that are straight out lies and are a wilful intention to deceive.

    As I said Pathetidc ACMA absolutely pathetic

  2. mikeb

    Would this be the first ACMA decision that Andrew Bolt agrees with?

  3. leon knight

    A big win for the OZ all round, and a minor slap for the ABC…..but we will all remember and love the skit for years to come, even those who otherwise never have found out about it, the memory enhanced by the sensitivity to satire revealed by the OZ in general and Mr Kenny in particular. Richly satisfying…what can we do to smear some memorable satire on Janet too?

  4. Draco Houston

    How is this a win for Chris Kenny? The dude’s whole freedom of speech argument has been destroyed by his own actions. If anything this is a validation of the merits for media regulation. Like mikeb said, just watch Bolt agree with this, hahaha.

    Meanwhile the Chaser aren’t getting taken off the air, they got their joke aired and Chris Kenny is well known as The Guy That Got Shopped Up A Dog or whatever.

  5. Itsarort

    Hmm, I remember Pickering’s calender back in the day that depicted Bob Hawke’s penis as < 1" long while Malcom Fraser's ran all the way down his leg and under a chair. Like all bullies, Kenny, Bolt, Jones, Price,…, they're sooks; one and all.

  6. Yclept

    So now ACMA is in Rupert’s pocket. The evil empire keeps expanding…

  7. AR

    I really wanted to hear Mitchell deny his proclivities in open court.

  8. Ken Lambert

    If the ABC really loved free speech they should have tried shopping a Muslim crazy (a Mufti with meat cleaver) sodomizing a dog.

    They wouldn’t have had the guts like most of the Crikey commenters on this thread.

    Kenny was a soft target who the ABC and Chaser boys thought would not bite.

    Go on ABC and Chasers – try testing the limits of free speech and expression on deserving crazies who could cut up very rough – see if you are brave enough to defend to the death your right to grossly offend.

  9. Patriot

    Dog fucker good, witch bad. You strange, strange people.

  10. Alex

    I love the ABC, but, I think this is a fair cop. They got it wrong, but, give them points for Media Watch’s honest assessment of this, and more recently, for its critical review of the lack of reporting of the controversy surrounding Julia Gillard’s involvement in establishing the union slush fund. Contrast this with The Australian’s response to criticism of its reports on cigarette plain packaging.

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