Jun 20, 2014

Guy Rundle’s Marxist guide to the World Cup

Now that Australia is out of the World Cup, whom should you support? Certainly not France, what with their bloody imperialist history.Iran? Greece? Should that even be in the First World? Crikey's resident Marxist gives you the run-down on which countries are the bastardiest.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


It’s only a few days in, and Australia’s already out. Which means you can kick back and enjoy the World Cup. Especially if you sell riot gear or Qatari real estate. But whom to support? If you’re a Crikey reader, the beautiful game is the great game. Forget this football shit, it’s all about the politics. So here from worst to best teams is Rundle’s entirely unauthorised World Cup guide. You will never be in a quandary about whom to support, unless Cote D’Ivoire play Korea.

Group G: The First-World Imperialist Centre

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20 thoughts on “Guy Rundle’s Marxist guide to the World Cup

  1. Dez Paul

    A ripping read, Guy. It may be an unauthorised guide, but its the best I’ve read. Australia is “Israel’s Goal Keeper at the UN” – just don’t mention the occupied territories.

  2. botanista

    ….”17 unrelated trekking incidents” just made my day. Thanks Guy.

  3. illywhacker

    You left Costa Rica out and replaced them with New Zealand!

  4. Marcusson Nicole


  5. 81dvl

    My god; I would PAY to be there if Guy Rundle and Helen Razer were having a beer or two!

  6. dive pass

    Surprised the Nigerian entry didn’t mention the Biafran war. Not only was it genuinely horrible, it gave rise to the modern incarnation of Western guilt about Africa. A modern day Marxist needs to consider its influence.

  7. MJPC

    Interesting Guy just a couple of amenedments. I thought Britain was first user of Concentration Camps in the Boer War, and even coined the name.
    Mussolini; he also drained the Pontine marshes near Rome banishing malarial mosquito’s and improving the health of the populace.
    His major failure was invading France in 1940 (then Albania and North Africa in 41′), much to the chagrin of the German Chancellor on all occasions. It was all downhill for Italy at that point.

  8. Anon

    There were many problems with this list. However, the one that has to be mentioned in Russia. How is it possible to call Russia anti-imperialist? There’s a reason it stretches from one end of Eurasia to another, and it has nothing to do with tea parties and fairy floss.

    Oh, and there’s that whole Georgia, Ukraine, energy supplies as a political weapon thing…

  9. rhwombat

    Brilliant. I’m sending this to my eldest son. He will inevitably disagree.

  10. Michael Roddan

    10 points for a windshuttle reference

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