Jun 19, 2014

Walker attacks abolition of security law oversight as changes loom

The office charged with vetting security laws is being abolished right at the moment the government is considering further strengthening counter-terrorism laws.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

The Independent National Security Legislation Monitor, Bret Walker SC, has savaged the government’s decision to abolish the post in his final report, pointing out that the rationale of removing “duplication” ignores that no one in government performs his role.

The abolition will leave national security oversight dangerously understrength at a time when the government is contemplating bringing forward at least two and possibly more tranches of additional security legislation as the threat from militants fighting in Syria and Iraq increases.

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4 thoughts on “Walker attacks abolition of security law oversight as changes loom

  1. Altakoi

    Its pretty clear that the Abbott Government is cutting like a demneted surgeon, and it doesnt matter much to them whether its meat, bone or fat which gets hacked away so long as they get their fix of slicing

  2. AR

    The Ghost Who Walked must have been a real irritant under the saddle of power, no wonder he’s out.
    If only there were some mechanism that required the recommendations of statutory officers to be at least considered.
    Something like, if not on the floor of the House, in Estimates, Select Committee kinda thing?

  3. fractious

    Why does none of this surprise me? Any and every thing the Abbott govt views as standing in the way of its agenda (whether declared or made up 5 minutes ago) will be abolished or starved or put out to tender, or all three. Lucky country my ar$e.

  4. klewso

    Of course the cynical among us might look at Howard’s, Abbott’s and the Limited News Party’s record for political opportunism and manipulation; their present “poll troubles”; coupled to it’s provocative stance re Israel; what that’s likely to generate in the Muslim/Arab world; doing away with this authority, to give itself autonomy and unilateral authority to do as it sees “fit” – the sort of distraction this could afford, for rhetorical purposes for starters? But of course that would just be cynical ….. and this is just an Abbott, Limited News Party government?

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