Can ISIS take over the Middle East?

Crikey readers talk the crisis in the Middle East, its players, and its possible goals.

The Middle East mess

Martin Gordon writes: Re. “Rundle: the deadly cast of characters in Iraq’s lethal ISIS game” (Tuesday). The usual torrent of letters critical of the US and proposing inaction in Iraq seem to have their blinkers on regarding Islamic extremist activity. The naysayers comfortable in their cynicism seem to not be able to connect their in-effect support for the likes of Saddam Hussein and even these Islamists. The late Christopher Hitchens suggested the Left be more self-critical of the outcome of their positions, and it still applies today.

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3 thoughts on “Can ISIS take over the Middle East?

  1. Guy Rundle


    well i put my remarks as a series of open questions, and emphasised the contradictions that might flow from further actions. the most likely effect of isis – i’ll stick withe originalacronym – is a consolidation of anti-islamist sunni groups, it would seem. but that might not survive further successes by isis. no, i dont think theyll turn on northern iraq. but noone thought theyd take mosul either.

  2. klewso

    I can’t recall that many “Lefties” talking up the bona fides of these Islamic extremists, but I can cite their condemnation of the way The West has meddled in their cultures, particularly under conservative leaderships, and to benefit Western commercial interests.
    Hitchins could have used a mirror – it wouldn’t hurt the Right to take a little time out to consider the ramifications of their infallability?

  3. ross shying

    Not so long ago western powers obsessed about how to arm and support groups opposing Assad in Syria. Now we argue about the need for air strike in Iraq, imagine the reaction when a US airstrike blows away a truckload of civilians. The Iraqi’s have to be helped to defend their 0wn land. Extremists are powered by the bigotry of corrupt governments, favouring their chosen people, disrespecting other groups, failing their leadership responsibilities again and again and again.

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