Jun 18, 2014

Departure of a gutsy, thoughtful senator leaves politics the poorer

LNP senator Sue Boyce was a rare senatorial figure with guts, principles and a willingness to think issues through.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

As we proceed through the last two sittings weeks before  June 30, those senators whose terms expire on that date are giving their valedictory speeches. Some, like Ron Boswell and Mark Bishop, who gave their speeches yesterday, are fixtures of the upper house and well known. Others have been on the red leather for a shorter period and their departure is unlikely to be as widely acknowledged.


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10 thoughts on “Departure of a gutsy, thoughtful senator leaves politics the poorer

  1. Ian Holder

    Thank you for this; I am ashamed to say I never knew she was there and what she did. What a loss for us all.

  2. susan winstanley

    hear hear

  3. Mark Duffett

    Her speech that morning is worth reading in full, because even now it contains wisdom on climate action that this government is so flagrantly ignoring in its mindless destruction of a functioning carbon price.


  4. Brian Melbourne

    This is the kind of politician we need more of, along with the Tony Windsor’s and Rob Oakeshots. People who put thought into important issues and don’t have a kneejerk reactions.

  5. Michael James

    No, she’s the sort of politician you like because she is a conservative supporting policies that Crikey’s editorial line supports.

    I fail to recall any such support for Ferguson, another man who enunciated his principles, even when they lined up with the policies of the opposition, but who you dumped on because they didn’t line up with your pet position.

    So Crikey’s plaudits for some, but only when you approve of their positions on your politics.

  6. Graeski

    No Michael, it’s a relief and refreshing to be reminded that there is actually a small number of policitions of integrity and decency on the Liberal benches, as opposed to the corrupt lying scoundrels who are currently running the show.

  7. AR

    Like most here, I am sorry that I never knew of her and rue the parlous state of our political life when we lose people of such quality.
    Thank you, Bernard.

  8. Jan Forrester

    Boyce,Troeth, Boswell and the four Liberals who stood apart from John Howard on refugee issues: I am sorry we are losing/have lost such people of conviction. And I didn’t agree with everything they said or did, just admired that they had principled positions which they could argue cogently and stick with. They also DID THE WORK, researched, consulted. These days I just see more and more politicians in the major parties going with the flow not going with the evidence.

  9. Boerwar

    Boswell on AGW: wtte, ‘I went down to the beach and the sea level is the same it has always been.’

    I am sorry he ever arrived. I am glad he is going.

  10. Ken Lambert

    The Australian Senate – 76 of them for 23 million people.

    100 US Senators for 317 million people. One for 3.17 million while Oz pays for one every 300,000 people. A US Senator represents 10 times the number of constituents as an Oz Senator.

    Most Australians would probably know a US Senator (Kennedy McCain, etc) by name – so who is Sue Boyce?

    But with 12 Oz Senators in each State; each representing the WHOLE State how do you get to know a Senator?? There are too many of them all doing the same thing.

    The Senate is a droll place. Only by notoriety of the negative kind does the media report on individual Senators.

    Anyway – Sue Boyce.

    I met the lady once or twice – seemed sensible enough. In the sixties she would have been a Don Chip Liberal.

    Trouble is she was wrong about nearly all her stands….her tilt at climate change was confounded by the major export of her great State of Qld – coal. 26 hours of the stuff burnt in China was equal to all the coal Oz burnt in one year. Great idea to tax an already high energy cost economy.

    Same sex marriage – I don’t think even Don Chip was for that….civil unions would have been an acceptable position for Sue.

    And women in politics ….get more of them to stand Sue….the Liberal side had women members and ministers while Labor was still in blue singlets. Quotas are never good policy and never Liberal policy.

    Bye Sue – sincere, no doubt capable but wrong on your big moments in that droll other place, almost indistinguishable from your 11 other mates.

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