Jun 17, 2014

Martin Ferguson’s revolving door puts energy industry in a spin

Martin Ferguson took up a position as head of natural resources for Seven Group Holdings just six months after retiring as energy and resources minister. Now he's involved in Seven Group's attempt to buy minnow Nexus -- which got a lucrative lease while Ferguson was in government.

Paddy Manning

Crikey business editor

Former Labor heavyweight Martin Ferguson was already sailing close to the wind, taking up a lucrative advisory position with peak oil and gas industry lobby group APPEA last October, just six months after quitting as energy and resources minister (the lobbying code of conduct requires an 18-month cooling-off period for ex-ministers).

Now coming under scrutiny is Ferguson’s role as head of natural resources for Seven Group Holdings — a position he took up at the same time as the APPEA role — as billionaire executive chairman Kerry Stokes moves into the next phase of his brutal takeover play for listed minnow Nexus Energy.

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6 thoughts on “Martin Ferguson’s revolving door puts energy industry in a spin

  1. Jaybuoy

    one of the reasons our pollies were given such generous retirements was to stop this sort of corruption.. Ferguson is just another in a long line of working class traitors who by the end of his tenure was sitting on the wrong side of the chamber..fupwit as marn would say..

  2. Di Keller

    I always said Ferguson really was the minister for energy and resources companies . Best lobbyist they ever had. He did Labor almost as much damage as Kevin Rudd. Was not sad to see him go.

  3. fractious

    Ferguson in graft, corruption and nepotism.

    Up next: Shock News – Pope Francis a Catholic.

  4. MJPC

    Why is the content of this article so surprising? When Furguson was in Parliament he was a willing and partisan ally for everything carbon and a vocal critic of renewable energy and the anti-CSG forces. He was a willing parrot for every lie that the carbon lobby wanted pushed in Parliament.
    I agree with all comments here; it is just another brick (or maybe wall) in the democracy that Australia once was. No wonder politicians are so highlky esteemed in this country, Not!

  5. Exactly!

    That corrupt Michael Williamson was President of the ALP. The situation is long gone and it is time to accept that Australia is a corrupt society, and start agitating.

    How many wretched Gordon Gretches and Wheat Board style affairs do we have to suffer before an election is properly stolen? As we speak elections are bought. Clive Palmer is an example of how money buys power. Same as how the Liberals buy power.

    Fu*k em all I say.

  6. Lord Muck

    Hey, Exact, presumably you mean Godwin rather than Gordon. Please don’t include that poor man with those seeking to gain inordinate sums of money from political life. Gretch was trying to uncover (what he saw as) corruption but went about it in a ham-fisted way. Personally, I think he was onto something.

    Regarding Clive, here is a self-proclaimed knockabout kind of bloke – whose hobby is litigation. Nice bloke!

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