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Jun 17, 2014

Crikey says: ditch the Twitch

Rundle reviews the key players in Iraq. The shadowy company behind Tinkler’s horse stud. Troy Bramston demolishes Rudd. Mar’n Ferguson’s revolving door at Seven. No Woolies conspiracy -- so where are the Fairfax papers? Voters don’t trust the PM overseas. And did Frances Abbott get off too lightly? A tenancy worker responds.

Rock-jawed Fairfax lifestyle columnist Sam de Brito -- known to some as “half-Brito” -- is not happy with ideologues and “angry women with blogs”. “We all know someone with a one track mind, who seems incapable of seeing the world outside of their telescopic singularity …To this list I'd add much of the political class in this country -- the rabid right and moaning left which, of course, includes our many Twitter-obsessed feminists,” writes the Smage's bloke on the street in his latest missive. “In the femiverse, only females are fit to comment on women's issues because only they can penetrate the phallocentric propaganda which renders men biased in ways we can't even comprehend,” de Brito opines. Feminists who tweet get a mention in the column several times -- the last as “Twitches”. They’re witches and they tweet all the time, got it. Unlike Sam, who has only 12,000 tweets to his name. But not obsessed or anything.

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2 thoughts on “Crikey says: ditch the Twitch

  1. AR

    Just out of curiosity, was this from a single member of Crikey’s Monstrous Regiment, the fearsomely mordant Ms Tips or the dulcet & reasonable CA?
    No matter, the point is sound & well made. Thank you.

  2. mobsmith

    Wow. Sam Vita-Brito knows so much about life, he’s full of it.

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