Jun 16, 2014

How racist is Australia? Pretty damn racist

Fairfax writer Mark Sawyer says Australians are not particularly racist. But stand-up comic and writer Aamer Rahman begs to differ ...


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31 thoughts on “How racist is Australia? Pretty damn racist

  1. cairns50

    spot on 100% exactly the opinions i tried to convey when i tweeted about his racist article

  2. Andybob

    Thanks Aamer. The original article had me scratching my head and wondering if Mark Sawyer and I actually lived in the same country.

  3. mikeb

    After reading this I just had to look up the offending article. Yep – some people just thrive on feeling outraged.

  4. Sexton Marie

    Humour and bite. Thanks Aamer -beautifully written piece.

  5. Malcolm Harrison

    simplistic analysis. easy targets. lack of depth. in fact australia has turned against white refugees from Africa. problem still remains though. racism like sexism is often in the eye of the ‘victim’. often it is indifference not xenophobia or misogyny that drives reactions.m.

  6. SearchAndRescue

    Correct Aamer Rahmen. Thank you.

  7. Matthew Drayton

    Pity this is behind the paywall.

  8. sparky

    You’ll never be able to explain to these particular fish the actual water in which they live. But nice try.

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