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The Sandpit

Jun 13, 2014

The Sandpit: Chris Kelly


*Chris Kelly is a cartoonist/graphic designer. He once turned a political cartoon idea into a political party, brought down a government and made an Australian state government take a 10% paycut. Seriously (google it).


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14 thoughts on “The Sandpit: Chris Kelly

  1. klewso

    “I say ‘Up you Jack!
    Cause I’m okay’
    I rank all night
    And I wink all day…..”
    [apologies to M. Python and Associates.]

  2. AR

    May I suggest some lines..?
    “Are we there yet?”, or “where’s the rest of me?” and a rounding chorus of the ultimate, “It just is.”

  3. Roger

    How about an Abbott theme song “is that all there is”

  4. fractious

    If I were Liz I’d want to make bringing the Commonwealth into disrepute a capital offence, then summons Abbott and Harper to the Tower.

  5. PDGFD1

    What, no syrup Chris (Darn right no syrup!)

  6. klewso

    Isn’t Gretzky like our St Rupert – except he’s the Patron Saint of Canadia?
    [He used to play Hockey too?
    I think he was the first one to say “Ninety percent of Hockey is mental – the other half is physical” … and he didn’t even know our Treasurer?]
    Deja vu all over again?

  7. klewso

    He used to be a panda – who wouldn’t be grizzly, with a monkey like Toady on your back?

  8. AR

    Hooz Gretzky? Gotta luv the Mounted Bear Patrol though. And still dressed in red.

  9. Dez Paul

    I knew. I kept tryin’ to tell youse, but youse would not listen.

    Harper and Abbott – the moose and the goose. Gretzky should puck ’em off.

  10. Electric Lardyland

    You know, I’m not old enough to know what McMahon got up to when he was PM; but he must have been some piece of work, if he’s still got Abbott covered?

  11. klewso

    Zut, look what Cecil did to Southern Africa – for the miners?

  12. klewso

    Diddlin’ and Dudley Do-Right.

  13. zut alors

    Has anyone on the planet done more to sully the reputation of the Rhodes Scholarship than Toady?

  14. klewso

    “PM – Puppet of Murdoch”


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