Jun 13, 2014

News faces uphill battle to stop Mail pinching its work

Who owns the copyright on a quote? Probably not the newspaper publishing it, according to media law experts.

Myriam Robin — Media Reporter

Myriam Robin

Media Reporter

News Corp is accusing the Mail Online, the Australian branch of British tabloid the Daily Mail, of pinching its stories, and has served the website’s parent company with a legal letter listing 10 instances where it accuses the rival tabloid of doing so.

In Monday’s Australian, several of these stories were referred to, and show that News Corp’s concerns seem to revolve around quotes lifted from its tabloids, and story ideas it claims are being copied. But according to several media law experts Crikey spoke to this morning, it can be hard to claim such things are covered by copyright.

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8 thoughts on “News faces uphill battle to stop Mail pinching its work

  1. klewso

    “Pot v Kettle”?

  2. Daniel

    I am pretty sure Prof. Kenyon actually said “…any rights to the quote would _lie_ with the speaker”.

  3. Myriam Robin

    Thanks Daniel – fixed

  4. AR

    What a great prospect – the worst, & 2nd worst, muckrags in the media slipping & sliding in sewage.
    Would that both could drown.

  5. Brian Williams

    Absolutely correct Klewso. Just ask Fairfax journalists in Melbourne about the number of times their exclusive stories have been stolen by Herald Scum flunkies scanning the first edition of The Age as it comes off the press, and then quickly getting some re-written copy into their own rag without attribution.

  6. Malcolm Street

    Love it – The Oz vs The Mail – two barking mad right-wing rags at each others’ throats. Pass the popcorn…

  7. Gavin Moodie

    And of course many media simply reproduce press releases without attribution, breaching both copyright and the author’s moral rights.

  8. PDGFD1

    Klewso #1… Hear Hear… I had the misfortune to need to read The Advertiser some time ago… talk about spot plagiarism from half a continent away!

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