Jun 13, 2014

Follow Friday: @combatjourno, live-tweeting battle in Afghanistan

In a country bound by government-related media restrictions, live-tweeting breaking news is both a sensible and revolutionary act, says Mustafa Kazemi.

Matthew Clayfield

Journalist, critic, screenwriter and playwright

In 2012, Afghan journalist Mustafa Kazemi (@combatjourno) made global headlines when he live-tweeted a fire-fight between Afghan authorities and Taliban insurgents at a hotel outside Kabul. The method may not have been anything new, but its use by a war correspondent in the heat of battle was. Kazemi told Crikey that live-tweeting remains his preferred method of reporting the ongoing conflict in his country.


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One thought on “Follow Friday: @combatjourno, live-tweeting battle in Afghanistan

  1. Brian Williams

    Every now and then in Crikey I read something that moves me in ways that had never happened to me before. Reading this has been another of those occasions

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