Jun 12, 2014

With coal mines shuttering, why is Whitehaven betting on Maules Creek?

The coal market is in freefall, so why is the NSW government considering clearing a state forest to make way for a new mine?

Paddy Manning

Crikey business editor

Whitehaven Coal's Maules Creek coal mine in northern New South Wales is back in the news, with conservationists seeking an emergency injunction to stop winter clearing of the Leard State Forest. Whitehaven insists it is sticking to an approved biodiversity management plan, and a verdict is expected at 4pm.

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4 thoughts on “With coal mines shuttering, why is Whitehaven betting on Maules Creek?

  1. Flickknifetipsy

    Is there a way out of this madness?

  2. Liamj

    Whitehaven investors are just pig-ignorant greedy, whereas the COALition hates our children.

  3. Nancy Wallace

    Really hate the apparently compulsory sexist ad for stupid luxury watch. What’s the point of paying for a subscription if you get this kind of rubbish forced on you.

  4. Jacinta Harrison

    If we continue to use coal mining technology in Australia we will increase the production of C02 which will warm the earths temperature even more and our climate and livelihoods will suffer. We need to follow International , national and state conventions and policies that aim to prevent further climate change. Climate change is not one of those crazy theories like the Y2K bug of 2000 or the Mayan prophecy. This is real stuff that is happening and WILL have devastating affects in the future. According to NASA (2014) 97 % of scientists have now agreed that climate change is caused by an increase in C02 largely due to the burning of fossil fuels in coal mining technology. The international panel on climate change has released its newest figures on the impact of C02 emissions on the planet (IPCC, 2014).
    At the current state of greenhouse gas levels the Global temperature will increase by another 2 degrees at the end of the century (IPCC, 2014). In the past century we have already seen the effects that an increase of 0.8 degrees in the earths temperature has done in Australia . We’ve seen an increase in frequency and intensity in adverse weather patterns such as droughts, floodings and cyclones .

    Science shows that the effects of climate change are dispersed at random (IPCC, 2014). Which means even though Australia produces waay more C02 than countries such as Bengladesh. The people of Bengladesh are suffering from extreme weather patterns which will eventually lead to mass poverty, starvation and millions of climate change refugees. So not only do we have a duty to combat climate change nationally but we have an international obligation to do so. Climate change is not going to go away- there is not going to be some kind of magical technology or divine intervention that we can use to combat the effects in 50 years time. We need to intervene now before it is too late. Not only do we need to make sure there are international policies and strategies in place that Australia adheres to. We also need to stop the Queensland Governments plan for the Galilee Basin west of Rockhampton from going ahead. Sure coalmines bring jobs to Queensland but what about the jobs that can be recreated through bringing renewable energy sources to Qld? Having coalmining exist in Australia is simply not worth the negative affects that climate change WILL have. We need to follow the lead of other countries and do our bit to stop C02 emissions. This means no more Coal!

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