Jun 11, 2014

With fancy footwork, Napthine buys time

Victoria is less likely to be heading to an early election, with the Napthine government skillfully heading off Labor's plan to oust independent MP Geoff Shaw.

William Bowe — Editor of The Poll Bludger

William Bowe

Editor of The Poll Bludger

The odds on an early Victorian state election appear to have lengthened following yesterday’s lively resumption of Parliament, in which the government headed off Labor’s bid to expel troublesome independent MP Geoff Shaw.


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5 thoughts on “With fancy footwork, Napthine buys time

  1. Paddlefoot

    On artful, what became of the Vet’s splutterings about Shaw’s attempt to foist a judge or two on him ? Even 3AW picked up on that blunders and sandbagged listeners with Liberal ‘learned statesman’ to fluff it all away. That abysmal attempted smear must be brought to account .. it’s almost as brazen as The Oz verballing Colonel Palmer about white shoe skulduggery from yesteryear. As Joh’s chief stooge, the Colonel has acres of form .. but I guess that’s how you get rich in those parts.

  2. Rhoderick Gates

    We have fixed parliamentary terms now, thanks to Steve Bracks. There can’t be early elections.

  3. bushby jane

    Yes, apparently the fixed term thing is a problem especially in this case. However, I still don’t get that Shaw couldn’t be successfully prosecuted for using his Parliamentary vehicle for private use as this is in process in the case of Peter Slipper for allegedly a lot less money (and a heap less than Abbott presumably still claims for riding his pushbike around the countryside). There should be some mechanism available to the Vic govt to deal with Shaw better than they are doing.

  4. William Bowe

    There can be an early election if a motion of no confidence is passed in the government, which could happen if Labor moved one and Shaw supported it, as he has threatened to do.

  5. Venise Alstergren

    It might be better if Denis Napthine stopped thinking about
    saving his own skin-in the name of an election, of course, and thought about saving Victorians from a lying, scheming and smirking clown. Only in Victoria, where Denis Napthine prevented us from having an ICAC by pulling the teeth out of it. Denis Napthine deserves everything he gets.

    Geoff Shaw should be deprived of his job WITHOUT any perks.

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