Jun 10, 2014

Canada bests Australia for mining, but don’t blame resources tax

Canada has finally broken Australia's run as the world's top mining investment destination as CSG faces increasing opposition in eastern states.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

As Tony Abbott enjoys some Canadian hospitality, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who faces a big test in the Ontario provincial polls on Thursday, can enjoy bragging rights as leader of the most attractive mining investment destination in the world.


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2 thoughts on “Canada bests Australia for mining, but don’t blame resources tax

  1. Roger Clifton

    Fellow readers are surely aware that hydrocarbon fuels come in the form of “coal, oil and gas”. All of them produce CO2 and all of them leak methane.

    That is of course, unless we realise that we, through our jobs or super or house price growth, can get stinking rich on exporting and using say, gas, ourselves. Then it becomes just “coal and oil”. Then we shout it to each other until there are too many of us to hang when we are found out.

    Do I hear you agree that “Our best interests lie in producing and exporting as much gas as possible”? Why the urgency? Is it because we’re afraid that the coal-burning nations might convert instead to nuclear and cheat us of our profits?

  2. old greybeard

    Canada of course is a leading example with Athabasca. Another point is that Canada is bloody huge and 3 parts frozen. Not too many residents to upset. My sister in law is an environmental adviser to the Ontario government. She would I think cheerfully run Harper under her car. They BTW have a carbon tax in BC (Abbott lies). The world has failed to end.

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