Jun 10, 2014

Abbott and Harper renew a blinkered coalition of denialism

Tony Abbott's efforts to stymie international action on climate change ignores how central climate change is becoming to economic and security issues.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

There’s a certain inevitability about Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper standing shoulder-to-shoulder in an effort to stymie international action on climate change. That’s not just because they’re middle-aged white conservatives, which is defining demography of climate denialism — if CO2 caused baldness and erectile dysfunction climate change would have been addressed decades ago — but because they lead two of the world’s most carbon-intensive major economies, both of which are reliant on resources exports.


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41 thoughts on “Abbott and Harper renew a blinkered coalition of denialism

  1. Kate

    It’s not just future tense: warming is already seriously impacting on Australia (and elsewhere). One example: extreme heatwaves during summer significantly affected economic activity and caused deaths, particularly amongst the elderly. We are not even implementing the coping strategies needed now, let alone in the future. More severe droughts, bushfires, flooding- we have very recent experience of these events, linked to warming. It’s a mistake to just talk about these as future events, when we know that the future will be more of the same, of greater frequency and intensity.

  2. zut alors

    If Abbott refuses to included climate change on the G20 agenda it would be a master stroke if Obama refused to attend.

  3. SusieQ

    Abbott and Harper, our very own version of Dumb and Dumber.

  4. Honest Johnny

    As well as patting each other on the back, I wonder if Abbott had a chance to criticize the Canadian Government for continuing to allow the export of asbestos to India, and likely to cause countless health issues in that country?

  5. Honest Johnny

    Two leaders both suffering the same cognitive dissonance = political ally.

  6. aswann

    It is a shame if these hoons are going to delay worldwide action at all, but really these two are lighting their own funeral pyre. You just can’t argue against the planet. She can shout louder. I am reminded of the arguments against lightning rods, which all ended rather badly for those who were on the traditional side.

  7. AR

    Canada, the Third Eye. Of the Five, I mean, of the Five.
    And definitely not wide & Brown like ours…

  8. MarilynJS

    Harper has even re-opened asbestos mines. I grew up in the SA Mallee and worked at the local paper where all the records were kept from the time of the settlement of the area in 1908 by my Great Grandfather.

    Before the area was strip cleared and up to 1950 the average rainfall was 20 inches per annum, by the late 1960’s it was 12 inches and getting drier and drier with massive droughts and dust storms.

    In the late 1980’s a couple of cousins started Trees for life in the region, now they have less drought effects and the soils are being revitalised.

  9. klewso

    Don’t look now, but is that Sir Les Abbott, or Sir Toady Patterson coming this way?

  10. Coaltopia

    Commonwealth –> Common Dearth

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