Jun 6, 2014

On the mean streets of Frankston, there is support for Geoff Shaw

Victorian MP Geoff Shaw may have been roundly condemned in the MSM for sparking a parliamentary crisis -- but in his electorate of Frankston, Crikey intern Jake Stevens found he's quite popular.

Geoff Shaw

“He might be a nutjob, but he’s our nutjob,” said Mark, a Frankston local who was lighting a cigarette as he waited for a bus. “He’s eccentric and he’s probably bad for Parliament, but I don’t care, he gets things done for Frankston.”


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8 thoughts on “On the mean streets of Frankston, there is support for Geoff Shaw

  1. zut alors

    Frankston should revel in the benefits Shaw has made possible within the electorate because he’ll never have this degree of clout again, even if (by some miracle) re-elected.

  2. Dion Giles

    What Geoff Shaw does at home is of significance for Victoria, but of global significance is his scouring the mainly Confederate states of America to link up with a coordinated campaign by Tea Party freaks, hobgoblins and monsters to edge away from women their Roe vs Wade rights to ownership and control of their own bodies.

    Does anyone know about the reputation of the judge(s) whom he was trying to promote within the Victorian Government?

  3. Luke Miller

    Very few people in Frankston would’ve voted directly for Shaw, rather they voted for the Liberal party brand.

    If anything, Shaw is a reflection on the Liberal Party and a lapse in their vetting process.

  4. SusieQ

    ‘Least reputable suburb’ no way! – there’s a list of suburbs worse than Frankston (I grew up there). I agree with Luke Miller, Shaw is the Liberals problem, they preselected him in the first place by allowing the loony Christian right to control the branches. He may be getting things done but I’m not sure I like the way he goes about it.
    I can’t see him appealing to the South Frankston lot, they have always fancied themselves as living in Mt Eliza….

  5. Kevin Bain

    So you did some tourism to Frankston and some voxpops around the street. And Shaw’s spokesman said he was a good guy. Great work!

    What about the physical disputes and bullying,insults towards indigenous people, right to life crusading, and,according to the premier,now trying to influence judicial appointments.

    His motto is “Delivering for Frankston”, but we didn’t expect deliveries to Lakes Entrance, Wagga Wagga, South Australia, Albury.

  6. Luke Hellboy

    One renegade politician who disrupts the two-party political system to represent his electorate and personal convictions (even if he is, as was eloquently put, a dickhead) is a threat to democracy. A whole parliament acting that way is healthy, functioning democracy.
    If people complain that they just ticked the Liberal box but ended up with a person they didn’t expect, they only have their own ignorance or political disengagement to blame.

  7. AR

    I don’t know whether “intern” means unpaid, work experience nepotism but Jakey boy, you really need to tighten up your verbiage. Try parsing or reading aloud before hitting send.
    “use his crucial vote to vote down the Coalition/a fresh breath of fresh air/annoyed with his business” – no idea whether this last was a typo for ‘this business’ or ‘his busyness’.

  8. Venise Alstergren

    Geoff Shaw may be an asset to his electorate-I can’t see it, but they apparently can. If he is so good let him devote all his time to Frankston. Or do the people of this city enjoy being host to a crook, a bible basher, an egocentric fool with a permanent smirk on his face.

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