Education is an investment, not an expense

Crikey readers have their say on class and the benefits of "free" education.


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2 thoughts on “Education is an investment, not an expense

  1. Luke Hellboy

    As Tom Glasson from The Roast pointed out, if Christopher Poodle keeps equating the quality of an education with the quantity that a student pays for it, remember that he and most of his colleagues paid nothing for theirs. The resulting “quality” of their intellectual rigour in public debate is the result. Let’s start charging millions for degrees!

  2. gerry meehan

    oh crikey youve fallen into the education is all about money trap.
    sure its an investment/expense for some.
    for many however its a way of learning about the world and maybe doing some research to add to that knowledge.

    murdoch and abbott want everyone to thiunk unis are just about $$$$ and it seems to be working.

    at some stage students will realise that they arent getting much from right wing melbourne uni etc now that they have so few experienced staff.
    their arts department has been gutted. cheap phd student tutoring 30-40 tutorials and lecturers shoving out 5yr old lectures that they know most students just download to ipod and dont attend.

    eventually rich chinese will wake up that $50k a year on uni fees isnt worth it unless its for backdoor citizenship and proprty ownerhship in oz.

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