Jun 5, 2014

Media briefs: Rundle on Bolt etc … magazines OK? … Murdoch Jr. on the move …

What is the Oz doing -- and who's even listening? This and other media tid-bits of the day ...

Rundle v the world. Bolter sinks the slipper into Malcolm for allegedly plotting a coup, by breaking bugs with the Clivosaurus; Malcolm returns the favour calling Bolt unhinged; Cory sledges Malcolm for sledging the Bolter. Clive, feeling left out, turns fire on Peta Credlin, and blames her as a high-paid professional woman, for the PPL, people rush to defend the delicate flower’s honour etc etc.


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7 thoughts on “Media briefs: Rundle on Bolt etc … magazines OK? … Murdoch Jr. on the move …

  1. Jaybuoy

    Ms Credlin didn’t mind using her ivf to prop up the Minister for Women when regaling everyone about the eggs in the beer fridge..

  2. klewso

    Was Credlin at the “Ditch the Bitch” ceremony, or did she let Toady go by himself, with the rest of Lower 4F of the Coal-ition?

  3. paddy

    I have officially forbidden my avatar, to have anything to do with Kenny.

  4. Guwardi

    What makes this all very funny is that Anti-News currently has less traction for this stuff than Princess Grace on a mountain road


  5. The Pav

    Just wondering about News Ltd. I’m visiting Melb from WA and went down to the local shop to pick up the papers. I get the Age and the Hun because in WA we don’t really have Fairfax or News Ltd and I like to check them out. The Age is far more expensive so I was rather amused to see that it was sold out and there were plenty of Hiun & The Oz unsold.

    I know anectotal evidence is unreliable but perhaps everybody is just getting so sick of News Ltd bias that they are switching off. Anyway here’s hoping

  6. fractious

    @ The Pav, in many of the cafes on industrial estates I go to around Shitney, they all but give copies of the Torygraph away for nix, but there’s always copies left. Some of that might be over-supply (NewsCorpse artificially bumping up circulation figures), but I suspect that’s not the whole picture.

    Love the acidic piece by Guy Rundle, especially this … “Annabel Crabb could not be reached for comment on this, as she had a sponge on the go. Its name is Mark Scott”

  7. The Pav

    fractious @ 6

    Yeah, I did a tour of the Sydney Opera House….The freebie was whatever the Murdoch rag was

    Took it for the Crossword

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