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Jun 4, 2014

The increasingly demented Right can’t stop Obama

Barack Obama's latest declaration on climate change is the third in a highly successful three-pronged domestic policy agenda. And that drives the Republican establishment -- and their lunatic Tea Party cousins -- nuts.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Good god, when I try and assess the doings of Barack Obama, I understand the premise of those made-for-TV-true life telemovies, when the just-married wife (played by the actress you get when you can’t get the actress you get when you can’t get Diane Lane) ignores all the signs that her tightly wound orthodontist husband is a serial killer. “Just going for a 1am jog, darling. Have you seen my gaffer tape and chloroform mask?”

The President of the Republic, whose domestic record I would still defend, is also the ruler of an Empire, run through a synergy of total surveillance and mass assassination. This neat division can’t be sustained, of course; since the revelations by Edward Snowden, we know with certainty what we always suspected — that total external surveillance has been turned inwards, to treat the American public as a suspicious group with regard to the American state.

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18 thoughts on “The increasingly demented Right can’t stop Obama

  1. Saugoof

    I’ve been quite fascinated and amused by the American right to try and turn Benghazi into a scandal, any sort of scandal. Sort of like The Australian’s obsession with Julia Gillard’s union slush fund where repeating it over and over and over eventually has many people convinced that there must be something there.
    My assumption is that they want to keep this alive in anticipation of a Hillary Clinton run for the white house. And hidden in that is the truly sad thing about it. This is not about 4 people being being killed, it is purely about crafting a stick to beat Hillary with.

  2. SusieQ

    Good point Saugoof – the Republicans seem to be running scared already and Hilary hasn’t even said she’ll run – look at all the dirt they are throwing about her health etc etc
    Good analysis GR.

  3. AR

    Grundle illustrates the puzzle that arose post WWII –
    “Why are amerikans?”.
    I’ve never found the easy response, “somebody has to be” adequate.
    If they are the, a, any answer then it must have been a really, rilly dumb question.

  4. paddy

    Nice summary Guy.
    It’s interesting (if a little scary) to observe just how insane the tea party can get.

  5. Kevin Herbert

    This is yet again shallow analysis of the current political dynamic in the US, which avoids mentioning those five (5) lobby groups which are actually controlling the political debate.

    Obama, the GOP & the Democrats & both Houses of Congress are stooges who have little or no control over what outcomes are arrived at in DC. This Rundle piece is like live coverage of an AFL Grand Final, drawn only from interviews with the spectators.

    The use of the Tea Party bogeyman as an explanation for a part of the dynamic, again shows just how far from reality Australian media commentary on US Federal politics has sunk.

  6. stuart richardson

    Well said, Kevin. One wonders whether the commentator (and commentors) would agree that ‘standing down’ a rescue team that had the time and resources to succeed (in Benghazi) is a ‘scandal’ or not? Perhaps only if those in need of help were of a similar political bent.

  7. Liamj

    Its cute of Kevin Herbet to slam Rundle for not mentioning “those five (5) lobby groups which are actually controlling the political debate” … and then not mention them himself.

    Are we supposed to guess, or is this secret knowledge reserved only for Oz tea party zealots?

  8. Ken Lambert

    The Tea Party right is pretty looney tune but Guy is on weak ground suggesting Obama made a good deal swapping 5 Taliban for a deserter.

    All young men in war are lied to and confused….few of them desert. The man in question will do Obama no good at all.

    Obama is doing all this stuff too late. He’s had nearly 6 years…he does not do the politics of bought politicians well, when he is one himself. He was bought by the weakened unions representing the education and public service employees and to a lesser extent trial lawyers and liberal celebrities, and to a very small degree the 95% of blacks who voted for him.

    He should know how to deal in this world where nearly all politicians are owned by business, unions or some interest group.

  9. Andybob

    Ok, I’ll bite:
    Oil and Gas
    National Rifle Association
    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

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