Quite a week for PUP Leader Clive Palmer — kicking off Liberal leadership speculation after a spicy curry with Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Treasury Secretary Martin Parkinson and then copping universal criticism for bringing up the PM’s Chief of Staff Peta Credlin as part of his criticism of the government’s Paid Parental Leave scheme. The gadfly may have finally come too close to the flame, or perhaps he will shrug it off as easily as so many other seemingly low points in his career, such as his treatment of Gold Coast United fans during his brief foray into the A-League.

Meanwhile, Malcolm Turnbull had a media stoush with conservative commentator Andrew Bolt, with poor Bolt feeling awful hurt about Malcolm’s nasty words while the Prime Minister backed his minister, if not in the most convincing manner ever seen. The more substantive political news came yesterday, with the long-tottering Coalition government in Victoria looking extremely close to finally falling over after Premier Denis Napthine decided to stop any attempt at further footsies with Independent MP Geoff Shaw, dropping a bucket on him in public and putting the ball fairly and squarely in the court of Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews who is clearly up for an early election.

Crikey Political Index May 29 – June 4

Far lower numbers for Tony Abbott, Treasurer Joe Hockey and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten on talkback as the budget furore dies down, although the Clive and Malcolm show picked up some of the slack.

Talkback top five

Lower numbers in social media too with a mere 75,000 mentions for the PM, while asylum seeker issues continue to get a run long after being forgotten on talkback.

Social media top five

Revolutionary thought I know, but following his latest racist joke controversy, I’m starting to think perhaps teen sensation Justin Bieber just isn’t very bright.

Comparison of media mentions

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